I have been traveling on the metaphysical path since the late 70’s.  Over the years I have encountered many teachers.  Some good, some great but none compare to Fran.

She radiates light and goodness.  One feels complete trust and confidence in her presence. Her willingness to share her light and love is awe inspiring.  When we are surrounded by so much negativity it is a joyful oasis to be encompassed within her healing circle.  As a teacher, she excels. Always kind, patient, giving.  Her door is always open so if you have questions or issues, she is there for you.  She acts as a sounding board, gives you some additional insight, offers words of encouragement, all the things a good friend would do. Her caring doesn’t end when the session is over.  She is a woman who practices what she preaches. She has brought so much joy into our community.  She continues to share new experiences with us routinely.  I am so grateful our paths have converged.

Thank you Fran, from the bottom of my heart.