I am most fortunate to have been a client of Fran’s for quite sometime now. Fortunate, for she has the most amazing and beautiful abilities of any health practitioner I have ever experienced.

During her treatments, she moves energy and light within me in such a healing way, in a manner that I have never quite felt with anyone else. And Fran’s ability to intuit things about one’s physical condition is an art of hers, that to me, is transcendental. On numerous occasions, she has felt things about my physical state, without any mention of it from me. Or at times, intuited conditions that I was not even aware of, and proven, with future medical diagnosis, to be correct.

But best of all, every one of her sessions leaves me with such a beautiful sense of completion, a feeling of calmness and well being, and a vibrant sense of renewal and energy. She truly has ‘healing hands’.