Light Always Follows Darkness

9 Dec 14
Light Always Follows Darkness…. As we approach the Winter Solstice on Sunday, December 21 at 6:03 PM EST, the darkness is winding down.  Sol  means sun, and the origin of the  ...

Blowin’ in the Wind

7 Dec 14
For many, this has been a wrenching time of letting go…..letting go of all of our old baggage, the stuff we have been carrying around for our lifetime…..I had an image ...

Fall, Thanksgiving and Forgiveness

23 Nov 14
This fall, I am deluged with stories of people breaking open. Sometimes they feel they are breaking apart, sometimes their hearts are breaking open beyond imagining. In Chinese Medicine, Fall is ...

Everything is Perfect

3 Aug 14
There’s a lot of talk (including by me) of connecting with your power. What that really means, is to connect with the Love that you are, and that connection gives you ...

Peace Within, Peace Without

27 Oct 13
Let’s start a movement – PEACE WITHIN, PEACE WITHOUT. The world out there reflects the world inside of us. If each of us takes just a moment here and there during ...

Touching the Divine….

4 Feb 13
We are always connected with the Divine, Source, Spirit, God, Oneness…..whether we can feel it or not. But periodically we break through all that’s in our way, and feel who we ...

Ah, Relief!

27 Jan 13
Did you feel the energy shift on Friday/Saturday? It’s been a pretty intense time, and I could feel the gears of my very foundation grinding away all last week. The energy ...

What if I can’t hear my Guiding Word?

17 Jan 13
What if I can’t hear my guiding word? is a question I am hearing from some.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have one or  that you don’t have ...

It’s so Easy!

It's so Easy!

E Z by Mary Prince

We sometimes tend to make things more difficult than they need to be, often because we don’t know how to do it any differently. We don’t have the skills, or the understanding that if we allow, ask for and receive the energy of the Universe to support us…..whatever we’re working with can be easier.  Sometimes it has to be spelled out for us.   This appeared for a friend of mine on the sidewalk during a walk….just the right reassurance at the right time!  One of my favorite mantras in the morning as I set up my day is: I wonder how easy today can be? I love today being easier than I can imagine! Love to all.

Teaching of Joy & Resistance via Skype

6 Jan 13
Greetings, dear ones……Blessings come in such strange disguises.  My Guiding Word of 2013 is JOY.  My word came up as I was talking with someone about their word. After their word ...