AcuReiki I    9 – 1:30   $125

Next Class Saturday, December 5

This 4.5 hour class will introduce some of my favorite acupressure points that I use in combination with Reiki in my treatments for myself and my clients. We will learn about the 12 main meridians of Acupressure and talk about Chinese Medicine. Useful for self treatment and to expand possibilities in treating others. Acupressure is a wonderful tool to assist the smooth flow of energy – and with Reiki encouraging the flow, the treatment is even more loving and effortless. Pre-requisite: Any Reiki Class

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AcuReiki II   9 – 1:30   $200

Next Class to be Scheduled

In AcuReiki II, we will use all of the same points and point combinations we went over in the first class. This small class of 2 – 4 people will be all hands-on, with the class participants all trading off  turns on the table. We will go over the points more slowly and in more depth and expand on the information in the first class. I invite everyone to bring their questions about their own issues or people they might be working with and we will individualize the practice. And everyone will have plenty of table time! We will give lots of feedback and each person will have plenty of practice with how to work with the points and channels.  We will look at how we decide what points to use: by how the area feels, what our intuition tells us, and what channel the issue might be on.  And we will also learn more about pulses, if the class would like, as well as how to do a release on a particular channel.

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