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Length: 7 hours
Cost: $300

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Next Reiki II Class  to be Scheduled

Second level of Reiki training continuing metaphysics instruction and teaching remote or distance treatments and healing. In Reiki II, you are  taught how to do a long distance, or remote Reiki treatment, and how to receive treatments from your angels and guides. This especially opens up your intuitive channel.This class is more tailored to the class participants, how they are using Reiki, going more deeply into what Reiki is (and isn’t), questions that may have arisen since Reiki I,  how to use it for one’s own unfolding, enlightenment and healing. We are more specific about how to use Reiki to treat others, taking more time to sink more deeply into what happens as we hold an area of the body and that person’s spirit in loving thought – how we are doing a silent treatment at the same time we are treating the “body”.  And always, we focus on how well you are taking care of yourself while channeling energy.   Reiki II provides the Water Attunement and Second Attunement, followed by the Attunement meditations.