Length: 2.5 hours
Cost: $175

Each class is about 2.5 hours. Classes are scheduled as you are ready for the next class. Fee includes all course materials, booklets, charts, and “recipes” or “flows” or “releases” showing how to release each channel and how to use the acupressure points for specific issues. Plus, I am always available for questions. You may schedule as many classes as you like, or do as much self study as you like. The basics can be covered in a few classes, then it’s up to you how much you want to practice on your own and study. So you can tailor it to your schedule and your motivation and finances.

When I am satisfied you understand the essentials and can take pulses, decide on a treatment plan from pulses and input from client, and easily find points and perform the releases, understand extraordinary channels, organ channels and segmental areas, I certify you to practice acupressure. Beyond the classes, it’s about practice and getting comfortable doing it.

I teach acupressure by using the acupuncture points and channels, so you will always be able to understand the points and channels from an acupuncturist point of view, which uses Traditional Chinese Medicine. Many acupressure schools or teachers use only selected points or have re-numbered them for an easier system, so they don’t relate to acupuncture points, which is  a universal language. I much prefer using the universal language of Chinese Medicine.

Acupressure is also wonderful for self treatments.

You truly are a light in this world. Miss your reassuring presence in my life. xoxoxo
Thank you for sharing your light to the world. You are an angel.
I have to tell you that I am so thankful for you. In all my years no one’s counsel has been truer or purer. Thank you for showing me your ways and helping me move forward with so many years muttering around in the fog.
I want to thank you for being the brightest light for me. I am so happy and grateful that we found our way to each other. I wish I could spend endless hours with you. I would love to learn your heart and learn from your knowledge. You are a true Master and I am honored to have spent ...
Thank YOU for helping me change my life!!!!!
Thanks Fran. You are the best teacher.
Fran, you are a wonderful human being with unique abilities to see, listen, understand and……heal. Your heart is wide open and always willing to send more light. Namaste.
I am so grateful for you and grateful to have had my Reiki classes with an amazing divine spirit. You have taught me so much about my life. I love you with all my heart. Thank you. ❤  Let’s help heal the world together.
Life just makes more sense with regular Fran sessions to ground me. I feel like I’ve made lightyears of progress in how I am able to handle daily stressors in the past few years of twice monthly sessions. My body feels more relaxed, more resilient and healthy with Fran’s energy bodywork — there’s really northing else quite like a ...
As a full time caregiver for the last 16 years, I have found my challenges to be overwhelming and at times traumatizing on all levels. I and other members of my family have experienced therapy in the past with other people. But no one compares to Fran Wellgood, of Wellgood Work. With her assistance, I have finally found a ...
 Teri Friedman Wake Forest, NC
Just walking in gives you an immediate sense of ease. I cannot possibly express the beauty and relief a treatment with Fran is. You are not only listened to during your treatment you are actually heard. My heart, body and soul always feel that flow of healing love. I cannot wait to return.
Mary Patricia Wesson
Sessions with Fran fill my heart with love, joy, and peace as I’m taught how to LET GO and LET the UNIVERSE take CARE of me… knowing that what’s best for my highest good will happen!  
 Deborah Young Rolesville, NC
Fran Wellgood is truly a loving and caring individual I highly recommend that you experience her healing heart and hands.
Ann Marie Doria
Years ago I had my first Reiki attunement but have not followed through with it any further back then. As it is in life, you are supposed to meet certain people at just the right time, and I met Fran in a Yoga class that we attended together. First I scheduled a Reiki session with her and it was a powerful ...
Stephanie Peters NC
Fran is the most intuitive and affirming person I have ever met. She is full of light and love that she shares with everyone. She helps me relax and be myself. I leave feeling loved and encouraged.
Cyd Reynolds Durham, NC
I am most fortunate to have been a client of Fran’s for quite sometime now. Fortunate, for she has the most amazing and beautiful abilities of any health practitioner I have ever experienced. During her treatments, she moves energy and light within me in such a healing way, in a manner that I have never quite felt with anyone ...
E. E. Wake Forest, NC
As a lifelong Christian, I was a bit leery about using my gift certificate for an Energywork Treatment with Fran. I was afraid that it might compromise my commitment to Biblical principles. I’m happy to say that just the opposite occurred.  Fran honored, and continues to honor, my personal relationship with the Lord.  She provides a safe, loving, and ...
D. G. Wake Forest, NC
A healing session with Fran reawakens your energy and envelopes your spirit with loving kindness in a way that few practitioners are able to tap into.
L. B. Wake Forest, NC
I have had several healing/energy sessions with Fran as well as Reiki attunements. She is certainly a gifted and intuitive healer, but her remarkable ability to remain absolutely non-judgmental in any situation is perhaps what impresses me most. She is also consistently peaceful and serene. While her workplace is beautifully quiet and comfortable, I’ve always had the feeling that she ...
Lily Raleigh, NC
You are a very warm and helpful person. You have done so much good for my life and many others.
Emily Kotula Wake Forest, NC