Length: 2.5 hours
Cost: $225

Each class is about 2.5 hours. Classes are scheduled as you are ready for the next class. Fee includes all course materials, booklets, charts, and “recipes” or “flows” or “releases” showing how to release each channel and how to use the acupressure points for specific issues. Plus, I am always available for questions. You may schedule as many classes as you like, or do as much self study as you like. The basics can be covered in a few classes, then it’s up to you how much you want to practice on your own and study. So you can tailor it to your schedule and your motivation and finances.

When I am satisfied you understand the essentials and can take pulses, decide on a treatment plan from pulses and input from client, and easily find points and perform the releases, understand extraordinary channels, organ channels and segmental areas, I certify you to practice acupressure. Beyond the classes, it’s about practice and getting comfortable doing it.

I teach acupressure by using the acupuncture points and channels, so you will always be able to understand the points and channels from an acupuncturist point of view, which uses Traditional Chinese Medicine. Many acupressure schools or teachers use only selected points or have re-numbered them for an easier system, so they don’t relate to acupuncture points, which is  a universal language. I much prefer using the universal language of Chinese Medicine.

Acupressure is also wonderful for self treatments.

I was thinking of you today and how fortunate I am to know you. Thank you for guiding me through this journey! You are such a gift to all that get to meet and know you.
You are amazing Fran. I love you so deeply my friend, my teacher, my mentor 
I have been seeing Fran for over a decade now. I can’t say enough about what she has done for me and my family. There are only a handful of people that I look up to as guide and teacher and who have impacted my life in meaningful ways. She is one of them.
Was experiencing a very challenging time and Fran was exactly what I needed. Taught me about “reframing” and her physical work gave me great peace. Thanks Fran!!
 I LOVE YOUR BOOK!!!! I’m using your book to combine seeing the Light in others and relating to that more, no matter what my relationship is with them in the physical, doing more release and then focusing on what I desire while I’m releasing – all this calms me down and brings me so much Joy!!!
…..​just read the acknowledgments, preface and then Chapter 1 – Guiding Word. OMG!! You are brilliant and yes, LOVE! I want to send this book to everyone I love because I know the rest is filled with so many nuggets of truth, wisdom, and healing words. Of course, it comes at a time most needed – I suppose because ...
Like sitting with her 💜 An excellent book written by one of the most influential people I have known in my adult Life. Fran shares her experience in such a way you feel you are sitting across from her in her office. Such a gifted loving women. Well worth reading💜  
Loving yourself IS the answer to living your best life. At my very first meeting with Fran I knew she possessed something that many do not…a truth, a kindness, a love, and a devotion and passion to help others. Her gifts and knowledge literally transform people. I have witnessed this personally. I am very grateful that I got to ...
What a gift – Love – learning to taking loving care of ourselves and connecting to the All About her book   It’s All About Love Fran, is a selfless teacher who shares her journey and life work. Reading this book you’ll learn what it means to have compassion for another, take loving care of yourself and why that ...
I’ve known Fran for thirty years, first as an outstanding body worker, who became a friend and colleague.  What I most honor and admire in Fran is that she has done her own work thoroughly and painfully, not sidestepping any of life’s darker edges.  It was Fran to whom my inner angels led me five years ago, when my ...
Congratulations (on your book)! So many more souls will be able to take in your observations, wisdom and guidance, as I have been so fortunate to do for years.
I  just  ordered 6 of your books….There are no words adequate enough to describe the beauty, spirituality and love of this day with you.  My heart runneth  over!  Hugs
Long Overdue! Fran has been an integral part of my healing and self care process. I am fortunate to know her personally and the knowledge and care as well as compassion she has brought to my life is something I lean on and utilize everyday. I cannot say enough about how she has impacted and improved my life. I ...
Fran has so much to offer! Great teacher and mentor! I have taken many classes from Fran and slowly incorporating her teachings in my life. I’m a completely different person now and look out into the world to give what I have received: love! It is eternal and it’s home! We can learn to love, be love, and share ...
Using Energy to Love Ourselves! I’ve known Fran for many years and her words, loving support and counsel has helped me throughout my life. She has so much wisdom to share with all! I’m so excited to receive my book on Sunday and learn more techniques to love myself and others!
The life advice you’ve been searching for! Fran’s insight, life experience and perspective has changed my life in very short time. Experiencing her work is like tapping directly into your own personal life guide. (Or your “higher self”, or as she often refers to it.) Her insight and guidance has been more helpful and healing than anything else I’ve ...
You truly are a light in this world. Miss your reassuring presence in my life. xoxoxo
Thank you for sharing your light to the world. You are an angel.
I have to tell you that I am so thankful for you. In all my years no one’s counsel has been truer or purer. Thank you for showing me your ways and helping me move forward with so many years muttering around in the fog.
I want to thank you for being the brightest light for me. I am so happy and grateful that we found our way to each other. I wish I could spend endless hours with you. I would love to learn your heart and learn from your knowledge. You are a true Master and I am honored to have spent ...