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Duration: 1-2 hrs
Fee: $115/hr
Appointment Required

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“Fran is a wonderful healer — extremely empathetic and caring, very intuitive and able to truly tune into her client’s concerns and issues. She continually moves toward the best outcome for her client, explaining clearly the treatment process. I was even able to do a “remote treatment” — which was just the same as being in her office. Fran is always available via phone call or an email, and immediately responsive. ”

Ann C,



I love doing long distance treatments, as I find that when we connect in Spirit as our only means of connecting, we often find little barrier to connecting with healing energy, for whatever you might need.

Conducted by phone or virtually, I would call you at the appointed time. I recommend that the conversation be conducted in private, and in a place where you can be comfortable and at ease.

We find a time where you have 1 to 2 hrs that takes into account any time difference – I’m in North Carolina. I would call you at the appointed time, and we would talk first. You would let me know what issues on any level that you were interested in working on (just like a face to face session). We will discuss what you would like from the session, and how I may best meet your needs. I listen carefully to you, focusing on your physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental states to determine how best to guide you. I will respond to your comments from a metaphysical standpoint. I would reflect back how something might be handled from a metaphysical standpoint, which can be empowering and clarifying, and may give you a platform to effect change in your life.

We may move your energy with various guided techniques. We’ll discuss how to think, change, and remember joy, as well as how to learn self-love and feel the Love you already are by applying metaphysical principles.

The session concludes with any feedback from you and as an intuitive channel, I will share any information I may have received during the session. I may also share a breathing technique to practice, or an acupressure point to be aware of and gently use over the coming days to assist your energy flow.

Payable in advance by credit card online or at the time of our call.

I love doing long distance treatments. I find that when we connect in spirit, the distance is not a barrier at all.

My cancellation policy