You are amazing Fran. I love you so deeply my friend, my teacher, my mentor 🙏 —C.K., Wake Forest

Was experiencing a very challenging time and Fran was exactly what I needed. Taught me about “reframing” and her physical work gave me great peace. Thanks Fran!! —DJ

I have been seeing Fran for over a decade now. I can’t say enough about what she has done for me and my family. There are only a handful of people that I look up to as guide and teacher and who have impacted my life in meaningful ways. She is one of them. —Gary A., Wake Forest

 I LOVE YOUR BOOK!!!! I’m using your book to combine seeing the Light in others and relating to that more, no matter what my relationship is with them in the physical, doing more release and then focusing on what I desire while I’m releasing – all this calms me down and brings me so much Joy!!! —Teri F., Wake Forest

…..​just read the acknowledgments, preface and then Chapter 1 – Guiding Word. OMG!! You are brilliant and yes, LOVE! I want to send this book to everyone I love because I know the rest is filled with so many nuggets of truth, wisdom, and healing words. Of course, it comes at a time most needed – I suppose because I (we) always need guidance. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  ​So blessed to have you as part of my path.​ —J.G., Wake Forest

Like sitting with her An excellent book written by one of the most influential people I have known in my adult Life. Fran shares her experience in such a way you feel you are sitting across from her in her office. Such a gifted loving women. Well worth reading. —Amazon Customer Review

Loving yourself IS the answer to living your best life. At my very first meeting with Fran I knew she possessed something that many do not…a truth, a kindness, a love, and a devotion and passion to help others. Her gifts and knowledge literally transform people. I have witnessed this personally. I am very grateful that I got to learn, practice and grow because of this amazing woman. Fran is the light and energy you want to be in the presence of all the time. —Dawn

What a gift – Love – learning to taking loving care of ourselves and connecting to the All About her book   It’s All About Love
Fran, is a selfless teacher who shares her journey and life work. Reading this book you’ll learn what it means to have compassion for another, take loving care of yourself and why that is critical to not just your well-being but All. I have learned to believe at 51% and practice to let go of what is not loving to me. Each chapter can be read on its own or you can choose to read from front to back. What I think you’ll find is that you’ll come back to it over and over as a guide. We are all learning daily and too often have to repeat a lesson several times before we “get it!” This book will serve a teacher to help you with those life lessons on Love and connecting to the All. Enjoy and hear Fran’s voice as she talks to you through each word written. —D Morek

I’ve known Fran for thirty years, first as an outstanding body
worker, who became a friend and colleague. What I most honor and
admire in Fran is that she has done her own work thoroughly and
painfully, not sidestepping any of life’s darker edges. It was Fran
to whom my inner angels led me five years ago, when my husband of 28
years was lingering between life and death for days. Fran
immediately knew to guide me to hold his kidney points. We had
several hours of incredible intimacy, and Floyd died peacefully in
his sleep that night. It is a blessing to all future readers that
Fran has manifested her book. – Nancy Wallace Nelson, M.A.

Congratulations (on your book)! So many more souls will be able to take in your observations, wisdom and guidance, as I have been so fortunate to do for years. —PM

I just ordered 6 of your books….There are no words adequate enough to describe the beauty, spirituality and love of this day with you. My heart runneth over! Hugs —SW

Long Overdue! Fran has been an integral part of my healing and self care process. I am fortunate to know her personally and the knowledge and care as well as compassion she has brought to my life is something I lean on and utilize everyday. I cannot say enough about how she has impacted and improved my life. I highly recommend her book. I only wish everyone could meet her in person…it’s like meeting your truest friend finally. —OHG

Fran has so much to offer! Great teacher and mentor!I have taken many classes from Fran and slowly incorporating her teachings in my life. I’m a completely different person now and look out into the world to give what I have received: love! It is eternal and it’s home! We can learn to love, be love, and share love. Fran is an amazing teacher! I’m forever grateful! —Karen B Tyndall

Using Energy to Love Ourselves! I’ve known Fran for many years and her words, loving support and counsel has helped me throughout my life. She has so much wisdom to share with all! I’m so excited to receive my book on Sunday and learn more techniques to love myself and others! —LTT

The life advice you’ve been searching for! Fran’s insight, life experience and perspective has changed my life in very short time. Experiencing her work is like tapping directly into your own personal life guide. (Or your “higher self”, or as she often refers to it.) Her insight and guidance has been more helpful and healing than anything else I’ve seen/read/tried/listened to in the past. She is a true healer and teacher. I have never felt more aligned with how my past ways haven’t been working and so clear and hopeful on how to change those patterns. Whether you’re religious or not, she translates universal concepts in ways anyone can relate with to improve your life and change your reactions and perspectives to life’s ups and downs. And she does it with loving, understanding, and actionable advice that is easy to incorporate into everyday life no matter where you are in life’s journey. She is so full of light, love and a true desire to help others. Her words are gold and I’m so grateful she took the time to put her wisdom into a book to share with the world. —Melanie P.

You truly are a light in this world. Miss your reassuring presence in my life. xoxoxo —RDD

Thank you for sharing your light to the world. You are an angel. —MC

I have to tell you that I am so thankful for you. In all my years no one’s counsel has been truer or purer. Thank you for showing me your ways and helping me move forward with so many years muttering around in the fog. —TBK, Raleigh

I want to thank you for being the brightest light for me. I am so happy and grateful that we found our way to each other. I wish I could spend endless hours with you. I would love to learn your heart and learn from your knowledge. You are a true Master and I am honored to have spent time in your presence. —D.C., Raleigh

Thank YOU for helping me change my life!!!!! —Deb S.

Thanks Fran. You are the best teacher. —T.M., Raleigh

Fran, you are a wonderful human being with unique abilities to see, listen, understand and……heal. Your heart is wide open and always willing to send more light. Namaste. —Marion K.

I am so grateful for you and grateful to have had my Reiki classes with an amazing divine spirit. You have taught me so much about my life. I love you with all my heart. Thank you.   Let’s help heal the world together. —Joanne White

Life just makes more sense with regular Fran sessions to ground me. I feel like I’ve made lightyears of progress in how I am able to handle daily stressors in the past few years of twice monthly sessions. My body feels more relaxed, more resilient and healthy with Fran’s energy bodywork — there’s really northing else quite like a session with Fran’s Wellgood Work! Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health all benefit. Fran is a huge blessing in my life and I wouldn’t give up sessions with her for anything! We are so blessed to have her here in Wake Forest! —Ginny Martin Fleming

As a full time caregiver for the last 16 years, I have found my challenges to be overwhelming and at times traumatizing on all levels. I and other members of my family have experienced therapy in the past with other people. But no one compares to Fran Wellgood, of Wellgood Work. With her assistance, I have finally found a way to deal with it all coming from a place of peace. There is no one better person to turn to in an extreme and ongoing crisis that appears hopeless. The challenges are ongoing, but with Fran’s help and the power of God, I have found peace within myself and, as far as I’m concerned, this is what counts. Fran, you are literally a godsend. Unlimited thanks – never really thought I could achieve this! —Teri Friedman

As a full time caregiver for the last 16 years, I have found my challenges to be overwhelming and at times traumatizing on all levels. I and other members of my family have experienced therapy in the past with other people. But no one compares to Fran Wellgood, of Wellgood Work. With her assistance, I have finally found a way to deal with it all coming from a place of peace. There is no one better person to turn to in an extreme and ongoing crisis that appears hopeless. The challenges are ongoing, but with Fran’s help and the power of God, I have found peace within myself and, as far as I’m concerned, this is what counts. Fran, you are literally a godsend. Unlimited thanks – never really thought I could achieve this! —M.P.W.

Sessions with Fran fill my heart with love, joy, and peace as I’m taught how to LET GO and LET the UNIVERSE take CARE of me… knowing that what’s best for my highest good will happen! —Deborah Young

Fran Wellgood is truly a loving and caring individual I highly recommend that you experience her healing heart and hands. —Ann Marie Doria

Years ago I had my first Reiki attunement but have not followed through with it any further back then. As it is in life, you are supposed to meet certain people at just the right time, and I met Fran in a Yoga class that we attended together. First I scheduled a Reiki session with her and it was a powerful experience. Through Fran I was led to the path I am supposed to be on now. I have completed Fran’s Reiki 1, Reiki 2, and the Reiki Master Class. She also taught me Acupressure and I obtained my Reiki Master Teaching Credential from her. Fran is the most loving and caring person that I know and she has been my mentor and has helped me change my life for the better. Of course Reiki is helping with this life change as well! Fran has opened my eyes and heart and I am a better person thanks to her and Reiki. She is very knowledgeable in her field and is an absolute wonderful teacher. If your path crosses with Fran’s, you can count yourself a lucky person! Fran has my upmost respect and will always have a big part of my heart. Thank you for everything you do! Thank you for everything you give! Thank you for being here, helping and teaching people wherever you go. You truly have touched so many lives! Much Love and “Hon Sha Za Sho Nen”. —Stephanie Peters

Fran is the most intuitive and affirming person I have ever met. She is full of light and love that she shares with everyone. She helps me relax and be myself. I leave feeling loved and encouraged. —Cyd Reynolds

I am most fortunate to have been a client of Fran’s for quite sometime now. Fortunate, for she has the most amazing and beautiful abilities of any health practitioner I have ever experienced.

During her treatments, she moves energy and light within me in such a healing way, in a manner that I have never quite felt with anyone else. And Fran’s ability to intuit things about one’s physical condition is an art of hers, that to me, is transcendental. On numerous occasions, she has felt things about my physical state, without any mention of it from me. Or at times, intuited conditions that I was not even aware of, and proven, with future medical diagnosis, to be correct.

But best of all, every one of her sessions leaves me with such a beautiful sense of completion, a feeling of calmness and well being, and a vibrant sense of renewal and energy. She truly has ‘healing hands’. —E.E.

As a lifelong Christian, I was a bit leery about using my gift certificate for an Energywork Treatment with Fran. I was afraid that it might compromise my commitment to Biblical principles. I’m happy to say that just the opposite occurred. Fran honored, and continues to honor, my personal relationship with the Lord. She provides a safe, loving, and healing environment. I haven’t felt this good in years! —D.G.

A healing session with Fran reawakens your energy and envelopes your spirit with loving kindness in a way that few practitioners are able to tap into. —L.B.

I have had several healing/energy sessions with Fran as well as Reiki attunements. She is certainly a gifted and intuitive healer, but her remarkable ability to remain absolutely non-judgmental in any situation is perhaps what impresses me most. She is also consistently peaceful and serene. While her workplace is beautifully quiet and comfortable, I’ve always had the feeling that she could conduct a session in a noisy airport and I would still enjoy the benefits. I think I’ve always harbored a desire to have a teacher, someone to guide me on a mental/spiritual level and I feel like I’ve found that in Fran. But she doesn’t really teach me as much as she nudges the teacher within me to provide the guidance I need. It’s really amazing. I’m glad Fran’s in the world. —Lily

You are a very warm and helpful person. You have done so much good for my life and many others. —Emily Kotula

My sessions with you were nothing short of fantastic. I left each time feeling totally rejuvenated and at peace with the world. My stress levels and worries weren’t solved, but I saw them in a different light and knew I could deal with them much better. —A.M. Doria

I have been traveling on the metaphysical path since the late 70’s.  Over the years I have encountered many teachers.  Some good, some great but none compare to Fran.

She radiates light and goodness.  One feels complete trust and confidence in her presence. Her willingness to share her light and love is awe inspiring.  When we are surrounded by so much negativity it is a joyful oasis to be encompassed within her healing circle.  As a teacher, she excels. Always kind, patient, giving.  Her door is always open so if you have questions or issues, she is there for you.  She acts as a sounding board, gives you some additional insight, offers words of encouragement, all the things a good friend would do. Her caring doesn’t end when the session is over.  She is a woman who practices what she preaches. She has brought so much joy into our community.  She continues to share new experiences with us routinely.  I am so grateful our paths have converged.

Thank you Fran, from the bottom of my heart. —Diana S.

Thank you so much for the work you do and for being such a wonderful teacher. The class yesterday was so enjoyable (and it’s rare that a class can be fun for me). —Jenna K.

I really recommend you give her a call and just meet for a consult or treatment or both!! She is highly qualified and helped me tremendously along my journey back to health and seeing myself as healed; and not in a fight with my body, but on a journey together to wellness. —Lynn R.

Fran is a wonderful healer — extremely empathetic and caring, very intuitive and able to truly tune into her client’s concerns and issues. She continually moves toward the best outcome for her client, explaining clearly the treatment process. I was even able to do a “remote treatment” — which was just the same as being in her office. Fran is always available via phone call or an email, and immediately responsive. She has amazing abilities to connect with her client and get to the root of what is bothering you — be it physical or emotional. After spending time with Fran, either in person or on the phone, I always feel at peace, relaxed and more able to deal with the stresses of every day life. She is a true healer!! —Ann C.

Fran Wellgood’s heart pours out genuine, sincere love. She is a teacher of truth and love. She is a giver of light and love. Her last name encompasses two very special souls. “Well” for Julian of Norwich who is quoted as saying, “All is well and all things are well and all manner of things shall be well.” and God, for God is the gift and giver of GOOD. – Mary Martin

Before meeting Fran, I had never experienced Reiki, Acupressure, or Reflexology treatments. I was initially skeptical about this type of healing/body/energy work. But from the start, Fran was extremely professional, and made me feel very comfortable. She answered all my questions, and meticulously explained the techniques and the philosophy behind them.

It is also clear that she is passionate about her work, and she truly cares about helping others. She is very patient, and never rushes through the consultation or treatment. Before each treatment, she always conducts a consultation, to learn about any health concerns or problems I may be having. Then she tailors the treatment to meet my specific needs — it never feels like it’s a one-size-fits-all treatment, and no two treatments are ever the same. During treatments, Fran sometimes explains specific techniques and how they will benefit me, which I find not only interesting, but also comforting.

Fran has amazing instincts, which combined with her many years of experience, enables her to hone in on any problem spots, tension areas, and other issues. After a treatment, I always feel extremely relaxed, centered, and balanced. I feel renewed, and my mind feels clearer because all the stress has melted away. Any muscle aches and pains also diminish, and I sleep better. The benefits last for days, sometimes weeks. —Elizabeth Michalka

Fran is a master Reiki practitioner and instructor who shares her many years of experience and wisdom in the field of energy work. She is a gifted, special woman – a pure and true spirit. I highly recommend Fran to rebalance and/or realign your energy. —Deb Morek