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Length:  1 day
Cost: $250

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Next Reiki I Class  Saturday July 13,  9 – 5 approximately

First level of Reiki training introducing metaphysical principles and hands-on work. Reiki I  covers the philosophy and essence of Reiki, how to think about it and how to use it; instructions for clearing, centering and grounding; how to do a self treatment and treat others; a Water Attunement and First Attunement  followed by the Attunement meditations. Reiki I  can begin to help you balance and clear your chakras; gives you a vehicle to express your healing gifts; assists you in opening your channel so you are able to channel a guide, angel or Higher Self more easily.  Reiki I begins the process of realizing and utilizing the connection to all of Oneness – inseparable but individual, and how to use this practice and awareness in Reiki.

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