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Duration: 1-2 hours
Fee: $125 per hour
Appointment Required

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Conducted in-person or by phone, Google Hangouts or Skype.

The stressors of daily life often interrupt the connection we feel with our natural state, which creates stress. During the session, we’ll discuss your life issues including how to think, change, and remember joy, as well as how to learn self-love by applying metaphysical principles.

When your energy or “Qi” (chi) is balanced and flows smoothly, you will feel harmonious, peaceful, and aligned with your true nature — your Higher Self — this is your natural state of being. How do you do this? Move and clear the energy in your body with your thoughts and feelings. Reconnecting with your Higher Self may require some guidance and coaching, and that is what I am here for. I provide a platform for you to effect positive change in your life.

The coaching I provide can be transformational. When you are reminded of your Higher Self, you are also reminded of your connection to all life and the Universe. The loving feeling inherent in this connection brings powerful, healing energy with it.

Receive support, comfort, and reassurance to help resolve fear, anxiety, or pain involved with any personal challenges and stress. Receive personalized and unbiased coaching. Discover new perspectives and continue to grow by learning to tap into your true self and connect with the limitless of the Universe.

What sets me apart from other Life Coaches is that I use Metaphysics as my method and vehicle.

My cancellation policy

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