On this page you will find various exercises or practices that will help support the smooth flow of your energy, which supports the health of your body and the harmony and peace in your life.

Grounding and Centering Exercise

Know or feel or see, or hear energy collecting at the base of your spine.  Now see a ribbon of rainbow energy coming from the cosmos, from the heavens. This ribbon of rainbow energy gently enters your crown chakra and comes through your head, through your neck, and down your spinal column, joining the energy at the base of your spine. Now send a column of energy from the base of your spine to the center of the core of the earth. Have it wrap, anchor, attach securely in some way. Now send 2 more grounding cords from the base of your spine to the center of the core of the earth. Have them wrap, anchor, attach securely in some way, just like the first column. Now send 2 more grounding cords from the base of your spine thru your legs (1 thru each leg) exiting out Bubbling Spring in the center of the ball of the each foot. Send them down to the center of the core of the earth. Have them wrap, anchor, attach securely in some way, just like the first column. Make sure you feel all 5 grounding cords securely attached. Rock a little feeling the 5 supports, like the legs of a chair.

Now with a breath, pull up deep rich earth energy, into all 5 grounding cords and pull that rich, nourishing, nurturing, replenishing earth energy into your feet, filling your legs, joining the energy filling your pelvis from the other 3 grounding cords and filling your whole body to the top of your head, to the crown chakra. The crown chakra gently opens to let in just the right amount of yang, cosmic energy that gently mixes in perfect balance with the rich earth energy. Let yourself bask in this nourishing perfectly proportionate, perfectly balanced mix of yin and  yang energy. Breathe.

You can also do this in the space of just seconds:

Breathe in the energy from the heavens, pull it in through the top of your head, filling your body;

Exhale it through your feet to the center of the earth. With you breath, pull up all the rich, nourishing, nurturing earth energy up from the center of the earth into your entire body, mixing in perfect proportion with the cosmic energy still pouring in.

Medical Qi Gong – Quiet Gong Instructions

Medical Qi Gong exercises are the internal practices of Chinese Medicine.  They are traditionally considered to be one of the most fundamental ways to develop the clarity of the Heart and radiance of the Mind/Spirit.  Medical Qi Gong practices are used when there are challenges to our health as well as to develop our energy (Qi) and refine our potential for health and vitality.

This is a very simple, efficient way of rebalancing and centering your self; the more you do it, the more your being will say “Ahhh!” as soon as you put your hands on your abdomen. Encourages your authentic self to flow.

Sit in a chair with feet flat, or relax in recliner, on sofa or bed – it doesn’t really matter. Whatever is convenient and comfortable.

Women place right hand on belly (abdomen) below navel. Place left hand on top of right, with thumbs touching in any way, some way. Men put left hand on belly, right hand on top of left, with thumbs touching.  Place the tongue behind the top front teeth, touching the roof of the mouth and the back of the top front teeth.  This completes an energetic circuit.

Inhale thru your nose, smoothly (don’t worry about breathing deeply). Try inhaling for the count of 5.  Exhale thru your nose, for the count of 7. Do this 3 times.  The breaths should be smooth, not necessarily deep.  The deepness will come with practice.  The exhale should be a couple of counts longer than the inhale.  Try to take at least a minute to do 3 breaths.  Do this 3 times a day (at your desk, at lunch, before you get out of bed in the morning, when you get into bed at night).  Just a few minutes a day.  You will be surprised at how this feels like a little oasis in your day.

When you want to do more breaths, do 5 breaths at a time; then 9 at a time.

Filling With the Violet Flame – From St. Germaine (an Ascended Master)

Consciously open the crown chakra again after grounding…..then see VIOLET LIGHT POURING IN ALL THE WAY DOWN TO YOUR TOES…..and it begins to fill…..your toes, feet, ankles, lower legs, thighs, torso, arms, hands, shoulders, neck head, to the top of your head…..see it rising up your body, until you see yourself completely full, feel it,….& THEN see it spilling out from your hands, heart 3rd eye and crown….because you are FULL.  It spills over to the moat, the cushion of energy surrounding you, and when that is full, it spills over to everyone and everything around you, circulates through the universe, returns to you multiplied, pours into your crown and even more fullness spills out to be circulated again….
This is one of the most efficient and powerful ways to function and fill up right now….which we sometimes do unconsciously…but our strength and capacity is ramped up when we do it over & over. It allows us to see and feel how much filling we need and how filled we are.
Kidney Breath

Place hands on back just about at your waist at the bottom of your rib cage, where your kidneys are located. The bottom of the rib cage protects your kidneys. Rub your hands on your back over your kidneys, feel the warmth. Take a deep breath thru your nose, and then blow it out with a big PAAAHHHHH! thru your mouth. Do this three times. This helps circulate vitality and lift your spirits.

Higher Self Meditation

Relax whole body, toes to head.

Use the Grounding & Centering exercise; Filling, Clearing, Cleansing with earth energy; opening your crown chakra, allowing cosmic energy to gently filter in – gold, white ….any color, or just a sensation.

Rose clearing exercise: Imagine a rose at arms length in front of you; any kind, any color; gather up all your anxiety and breathe it into the rose, without having to define the details. The rose can hold everything. Exhale as many times as needed into the rose. Now blow at the rose with a large exhale and send all that anxiety it is holding for you out to the universe to be transformed into love & light.

Now focus first on your heart chakra, allowing it to gently open, light and energy radiating out from your heart, being willing to connect with your Higher Self and Spirit. You may see green energy circulating and radiating out.

Now focus on your third eye allowing it to gently open, light and energy radiating out from your third eye, being willing to connect with your higher self and with Spirit. You may see indigo energy circulating and radiating out.

Now focus on your crown chakra, allowing it to gently open, light and energy radiating out from the crown of your head, being willing to connect with your higher self and with Spirit. You may see violet energy circulating and radiating out.

Now from this space of loving energy filling you, circulating through you and radiating our to the All, ask to see or meet or be shown your higher self, your true being, your eternal, spiritual self…..open your heart space, your heart chakra let your love flow, stream out opening to your soul, your higher consciousness.

You may see an image, a figure, a color, light, you may see yourself. Notice how exquisite your higher self looks, how luminescent, how loving, how beautiful and joyous. If you don’t see anything, pretend, imagine, make up an image that feels good to you. Currently, my Higher Self looks like a swirl of purple, gold and aqua. It can change every day! Whatever feels right and good at the moment.

Notice if you see or feel a difference in the movement of energy in you in your body and you as your higher self. For your higher self is you, the all knowing part of you, you as part of God, part of the All that is. Your higher consciousness may look like it’s vibrating at a higher frequency that your body, you may see your higher self, and now we are going to join, connect, merge with our higher selves.

So we are going to establish a conduit, a channel, a bridge, to merge, join, have union, communion….so you may want to reach your hand out to your higher self. You may ask him or her to take your hand. You may see a cord or a channel created between you to allow the energy to equalize, balance…..to find a meeting place. You may see your body energy enter one end of the channel, and your higher self’s energy enter the other end of the channel, meeting in the middle at a middle ground, a middle frequency.

From here, state your intention to join with, merge, connect, with your higher self. Allow his or her energy to flow into you, merging with you, filling you…..you may flow into your higher self, with trust and love. This is you. Or just breathe in this energy, allow it to flow into your heart, your feet, your legs, your torso, shoulders, arms, hands, neck, head.

Bask in the union, this communion. Notice what it feels like. You may feel safe, supported, completely taken care of, protected, unconditionally loved….you know in this union, you are never alone. You are always guided, assisted, loved. You are your Beloved, who is always here for you; your Higher Self never leaves us, we just may not be listening for that quiet, still voice. Or our human chatter may overtake (temporarily) our true, peaceful, loving nature that is truly our True Self, always present. Fall into the arms of your Beloved. Feel the relief of surrendering to your Highest Self, your highest integrity, your highest wisdom, your true nature of Love.

From this space, you have a clear channel to you, the all of you, the total you, you who holds all of the answers for you as part of the ALL that is.

The light you see is tilling the soil of your mind, making it lush and fertile, ready to plant the seeds of your desires for this season, to grow and tend to, for harvest later this year or future years.

So now lovingly plant the seeds of what you wish to see, accomplish, receive, change…..knowing that we can’t think of all that is for our highest good, so as we plant our seeds of desire, saying, this or something better. And letting the rich soil of mind, our higher self, and the All lovingly tend to these seeds.

See them sprout and grow healthy and expansive…..see yourself already harvesting the fruits of your labors of mind….know that you are taken care of, by yourself, the the All, Source, Spirit…..that even though you may not always be able to feel or see your connection with who you really are, with Source, God, Spirit, you are always inseparable, indivisible…and that quality of loving, radiance, luminescence, is you.

Breathe in this light.

Ask any questions, ask for guidance, ask for assistance. These are seeds of love, trust and willingness.

Know that you may not hear the answers in this meditation, but you will, in just the right time, hear your answer, see your manifestation.

Allow this light and energy to flow back and forth, nourishing you.

Remembering that you are seeing you in all of your radiance.

May you come to know yourself as radiance.

Bask in this flow from the true you to the visible, body being you. When you are ready, come back to present.