I have an ongoing daily dialogue with my Guides. I call them my Angels or my Guides or my protectors in spirit….my Higher Self is part of my entourage or group that I talk to, consult and call on regularly. What does this mean? And how do you do it or why would you want to do it?

I like things to be simple, effective, direct. We want to call on our Guides for…..well, everything! Our Guides, our Higher Self, are part of each of us….the higher, wiser part of us. If there is a willing being always at hand ready to help with absolutely anything and everything, no matter how trivial or mundane we may judge it….and the biggest things too….why wouldn’t we call on that being and make life easier? As they saying goes, two heads are better than one….how about an infinite Universe at our beck and call?

It’s easy to feel alone in this human world. But we are part of Spirit, Divine, even as we are manifested in this human body. That’s why we are always inherently Love, because Spirit is inherently Love, and we are an indivisible part of that. So we are never alone! We just can’t always see or hear or feel the “rest” of the Universe of which we are a part. That doesn’t make it any less real or available to us. And make no mistake, the Universe is available to help us with absolutely anything and everything! We just have to ask….and receive. And trusting that we are entitled to ask and trusting we will be answered makes the process even smoother.

We all have ways that we think of God, Source, the Universe, All That Is, Oneness….it doesn’t really matter as long as we remember that we are part and parcel of the Oneness, indivisible with all Love and Beingness. We have all the qualities of whatever we think of as God….we just are not all of it…..it takes everything to make up the Oneness. The quality of the Oneness is Love.

And when someone loves us unconditionally, they are there for us. And the Universe is always there for us. It’s like we’re joined at the hip and when we ask for something, there always has to be a response…. although it may not look like what we are expecting. When we push, the Universe is pushed. When we pull, the Universe is pulled. We can’t be disconnected. We can feel like we are disconnected, but we never are in reality.

And it doesn’t matter if we hear anything or are aware of anything. Our words and thoughts do not fall into a void or a vacuum. We are heard and responded to. So it’s so important to always ask for what we need and know there will be a response even though we can’t necessarily count on what it will look like.  The response will always be for our highest good.

Years ago I had a vision of many people pushing against a fence. I came to realize they were Guides, or how I think of the helping aspect of the Universe. They told me,  We are here for you! We are here to help you! But you have free will….you have to ask! Now go and tell people to ask….and trust they will be heard and will receive what they need.

So that’s what I’ve been doing for a very long time. I tell people to ask for help with everything. And expect to receive a response! And I remind myself of this, too. I make it a practice to send a request out for everything that requires some consideration….why not use all of my Being and All of the All since it’s available to me? Wiser Mind than just my own human mind will weigh in, if invited. And I mean, I ask about everything. Should I do this now? What should I eat? What would feel loving now? How should I adjust my schedule? Should I make or cancel this appointment?  What about another glass of wine? How about this bill? It’s not that I can’t think for myself or make my own decisions. It’s about giving up being on auto-pilot and really asking, what is the most loving thing I can do here, the most loving action, the most loving decision, for my highest good and that of all concerned?

If I just use my human mind, I may not come up with the most loving course of action. Sometimes, the most loving course of action is no action! But human mind often wants to do something. Our Divine Mind will be more thoughtful, more aware, more conscious more loving, more true about what’s loving. We just have to take a moment, take a breath, and ask.

How do we hear our Angels/Guides/Protectors in Spirit/the Universe? We all have felt that feeling of, don’t do this, do this. And then not following that inner voice and not having the best outcome. We knew, we felt, we didn’t pay attention. The answer can come in an instant as if it was just dropped in our awareness; or we read something, or see something, or someone says something, or all of a sudden we just realize the answer. The more we practice this, the easier, the smoother the process becomes. The inner voice can be a still, small voice….we need practice to hear it. And practice to trust it.

And sometimes, I actually do hear a voice. But mostly, it’s a sense, or an impression, or suddenly the answer is just there.  All of a sudden I will feel, time to do this now! And I always ask for crystal clear answers. Because even after all this time, I can be rather hard-headed. And then I ask for help to be compassionate to myself.

Sometimes the answer is, just bring a loving response to this situation, difficult as it is, and it will all unfold in just the right way in just the right time. Trust. Because after all, it is All About Love.