I often say “thank you” to Spirit, to the Universe, when something sorts itself out and resolves. What I really mean is that I appreciate the natural response of the Universe. I love that the organic process works like this. The Universe/Spirit/God/All That Is/Source Energy HAS to respond to us.

We are individualized energy that is indivisibly connected to Spirit. We all are a part of Spirit. All of us make up all of the Universe. So when we request assistance or guidance, there is an automatic response. We are joined at the hip. The response is 100% guaranteed.

What is not guaranteed is the response or answer Perfect Intelligence gives us. We receive what is for our highest good, because the Universe is always moving in perfect love and perfect intelligence. Our human mind may have a different agenda. We think we know what would be the most optimal result, but our Higher Self sees the whole picture, the forest, while our conscious mind sees only the trees right in front of us.

It’s comforting to know we absolutely will get a response, an answer. When we are 51% willing to hear the answer, no matter what it is, the solution will be delivered. Our human mind questions the timeline, the way our answer unfolds, or that the answer is really moving us to the good.

Even if the answer is absolutely what we thought we didn’t want, it moves us toward more grace and compassion for ourselves and others in the grand adventure – and sometimes difficult journey – we call Life.