Hon Sha Za Sho Nen (a Reiki greeting meaning, the Divine within me recognizes the Divine within you)….
Every year I send a newsletter around Thanksgiving talking about gratitude, and specifically, my gratitude. This year has been a tough one for a lot of people. We have been stretched beyond our capacity, it seemed at times. But of course, we have infinite capacity (as our Higher Self, our true, eternal part of our Self) and it turns out that even if we don’t remember or feel that part of our Self, we get through everything with more grace than we thought we could. And we do stretch, we do expand, we do find more strength, more trust, more love than we thought possible. As Spirit is limitless and infinite, so are we. We just don’t always remember.
In the spirit of being stretched, this year I was pushed into really learning what it means to take loving care of myself. I kept telling my Guides, I  AM taking care of myself. And I kept hearing, Yeah, tip of the iceberg! My Guides have such a sense of humor!
So I began asking for help, being willing to do whatever was necessary to really take care of myself, surrender my stubbornness and ego in thinking I should, could, do it all on my own, surrendering what wasn’t working….this year has been a lesson in asking for and receiving help. Of course, that which I teach is what I need to learn: receiving……not just asking, but receiving.
So, in this letter of Thanksgiving and Gratitude, I wanted to introduce you to some people who have helped me learn how to take more loving care of myself, and have been an answer to prayer….and have helped me learn to receive. They are all pure love and pure integrity. Each being is beautifully aligned with their Highest Self, doing their work to maintain and increase their awareness of the Love that they are, diligently, honestly, and spilling love and compassion to everyone they meet.  I am eternally grateful to each of them for how they have helped me, guided me, and loved me. I am grateful our paths came together, and their light illuminated my life.
Amy Cherico has been a long time student of metaphysics, apprentice and colleague. She is an Intuitive Channel and Medium and can see guides and people who have crossed over. A reading combines what she sees in Spirit with her foundation in metaphysics and love.  Stay tuned for our Guiding Word for 2016 Meditation in January where Amy will check in with each participant’s guides in Spirit!
She may be reached for readings at belovedembrace@gmail.com
Karen Romanchek, LMBT   Massage Therapist par excellence, Essential Oil Specialist at Relaxation Station
Karen’s hands are skilled, trained and  full of love and magic.  She has been taking loving care of me for years and you could not ask for a more wonderful, intuitive massage! She is also an essential oil specialist. The air freshener I use in my office uses her highest quality essential oils and her excellent guidance.  She will assist you in blending your own Signature Scent!
Lisa Fields  MSN, RN, CNS, BC   
Lisa is a skilled and talented psychotherapist who offers EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) which helps clear trauma. With all the energy work and metaphysics I have incorporated and applied over my lifetime, this was a missing piece for me. Her loving guidance has been invaluable to me over the years, and especially this year.  She has helped me connect the dots and remember the powerful being that I am (and you are).
Dr. Julia Wilkins, Atlas Family Chiropractic of Wake Forest
I was already a fan of Atlas Chiropractic before I moved to Wake Forest, but finding Dr. Julia was a blessing I never imagined. She is an accomplished, intuitive, loving being that helps me be more comfortable in my body and keeps my energy flowing smoothly.  I’m not sure what I did before I met her! I certainly wasn’t as balanced as she keeps me.
Diane Mack, Licensed Esthetician
There are estheticians, and then there is Diane. She provides a holistic approach to skincare with organic and natural treatments that rejuvenate the skin. That’s what her website says. Actually, she is highly trained and the essence of compassion and caring. Her loving hands and wonderful products will soothe and heal your skin….and you will feel cared for and loved and your skin will look great! Her deft hand with waxing keeps my eyebrows in check, too.
Chris Dollar, Gentle Feather Farm Liniments and Eggs (Chicken and Duck)
Chris had a dream a few years ago: she wanted a “farmette”. Translation: a small farm of her own. She manifested her dream beautifully! And now provides fresh chicken and duck eggs and makes the most divine liniments using herbs from her garden. She is an amazing being and a dear friend.  I love her Calendula, Comfrey Plantain and Lavender Balms, Arnica Muscle Rub, Vapor Rub, Lavender Mint Headache Remedy and Lip Balms.  Some lucky people will be the recipients of the fruits of her labors! We only use her eggs from her homestead (love the duck eggs especially). And if you need your house, office or property smudged with sage and the energy cleared, she’s the one to call!
Stephanie Barnhill, Yoga Instructor
Stephanie is the most gifted, loving yoga teacher I have ever had – and we’re talking of yoga off and on over 40 years.  My body is stronger, leaner and more flexible (and healing at warp speed from knee surgery) in no small part to Stephanie and her classes on Wednesday and Sunday at Motion Fitness in Youngsville (she also teaches at a studio in North Raleigh).
She may be reached at shbarnhill@nc.rr.com
All of these people have enriched my life. Perhaps they can do the same for you and yours.
Wishing you and yours the happiest of Thanksgivings. Thank you for you. You are all blessings in my life and on my path.
Oceans of Love & Light,

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