I haven’t bought into the madness surrounding us . . . and then I felt a twinge this morning. I got up early to go to a store for their opening at 7 am. A few cars were in the parking lot . . . I got out of my car and was the only one waiting in front of the doors with about 20 minutes to go. Within a few minutes, a few people joined me. By opening time, there was an orderly line of maybe 35 people. All quiet, civil, respectful, keeping a distance between each other. And then the doors opened, and everyone exhibited extreme kindness. No one rushed, no one grabbed carts and ran. People smiled, said thank you, excuse me. There is always good in the midst of anything, everything.

And then I got to the aisles of paper goods, cleaning products and perishable foods. It looked like the pictures I’ve seen of grocery stores in the old Soviet Union. Empty spaces where full pallets normally are. Empty refrigerator cases. Empty meat cases. Freezers with very little frozen food. And I felt the twinge. And I took a breath.

I’ve been washing my hands, using hand sanitizer. I’m an introvert, so I always avoid crowds. I have an elderly, immunocompromised person at home, and we’re doing our normal routine of shopping as needed. Life goes on, and we’re using common sense.

I don’t know how this is all going to unfold, but I do know that breath connects us to Spirit. When we take a breath, when we are present, in this moment, we are connected to our Higher Self, which is an indivisible part of Loving Source. And Source is always love, peace and flow. So right now, while you’re reading this, please take a big, gentle, slow breath. Know that you have just opened your channel to your True Self of love and peace and calm. Yes, craziness is all around us . . . we live in a human world, it comes with the territory. But we are more than human, we are part of the Divine, part of One Love. We are inter-connected. So when we all take that one BIG breath . . . it goes all around the Universe, and returns right back to you multiplied.

I also know that everything is energy, and energy is never static, it is always moving. This whole situation will move too. It will change. All we can control is our response to it. Part of our response is to take loving care of ourselves, in whatever way that means for you. We do what is for our highest good AND the highest good of all concerned.

Sally Killoran is a freelance writer with an interest in health, psychology and parenting children with additional needs. She writes: “Before you panic, be kind, and think of the vulnerable, and how your actions can affect them.”

As we move with an intention of love, we build a reservoir of love within us that can then spill over to others. And as we truly are all in this together, holding ourselves and others in love will guide us to the practical, kind and loving things we need to do to get through this with grace. Yes, we are human . . . and Divine. And our Divine, Loving, Higher Selves are always there to be expressed on this human plane. We just have to choose.