Our human self judges. Our Higher Self discerns. The Love That We Are chooses what is for our highest good and that of all concerned. Our inner wisdom, our Loving Authentic Being, our True Self, discerns. It is a healthy process of deciding: This is loving for me. This is not loving.

It is our responsibility to make that choice, that discernment. We have a response-ability, the ability to respond, to people and situations. It is our responsibility to make those choices that take loving care of us. Other people don’t know what’s right for us (even if they think they do). And it is not their responsibility to take care of us, even if we wish they would. It’s natural to want people to care about us and for us. But it’s important that they care from their heart, not out of obligation. And humanly, sometimes we don’t want to do what we have to, what we are responsible for . . . and we still do them, because it’s the most loving thing to do for ourselves, besides the other. We don’t always have to like it. We can still surround it in Love.

Of course if we are taking care of children, we have absolute responsibility to take loving care of them and make those good decisions, the best we can.

As adults, we are powerful when we choose what is loving. Love is the strongest force in the Universe. When we are grounded, we are anchored between our invisible Higher Self in Spirit and our visible human self in our body. When we let that Love flow from our Higher Self to our human self, we are powerful. That is true power. That Love will assist us in taking loving care of ourselves, even if it means defending ourselves or those we love from harm.

The Law of Individuality comes into play here. Another name for this Law is: Mind Your Own Business. We have enough to do just staying on our own path. Let others figure out their path. They are guided and taken care of, just like we are. They are capable. We don’t know what is best for them (even if we think we do), just like they don’t know what’s best for us. We often want to pay attention to other people’s paths because we desperately want to distract ourselves from our own path. Getting involved in someone else’s business/path is a great distraction from our work on our path. Get back on your path!

Love is not weak or passive. It is assertive, powerful and strong. We just need to be willing to stay on our own path and tell ourselves the truth about our motives. In that willingness, we are connected with the Love We Are. Admittedly, this is difficult to do at times. Humans are great at telling stories that may or may not be true, and sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference. But our loving Higher Self, Our Love, our heart, always knows. We can trust the Love We Are.

This is what we have a lifetime for: to remember we are Love, to learn how to love ourselves and others, and allow that Love to be expressed in our lives.