Hon Sha Za Sho Nen (a Reiki greeting meaning, the Divine within me recognizes the Divine within you)….

I know it’s warm outside, but this too shall pass! The temporary warmth does heat us up and get our energy moving….but until yesterday, I was in major hibernation mode. It’s winter, we’re meant to hibernate and restore in this season.

So as we ratchet down our activities, spend a weekend on the couch, sleep in, the trick is not to judge ourselves. Be compassionate about the need to have different levels of activities at different times, no matter how we think we “should” be. Not everything needs to get done precisely when we think it does.  Perhaps we can experiment with not “should-ing” on ourselves! Kindness starts with us, in our hearts for ourselves. Then we fill up with that loving kindness and it can naturally, effortlessly spill over to others.

So enjoy the last weeks of winter and the essential time of restoration and regeneration in order to be ready for the rising energy of the next season. Spring will be here soon enough!

 Oceans of Love & Light,

And some news……

I’d like to let you know about some wonderful endeavors.  Marla Kaspar has started Rooted Together.  Her Mission is:
  • To serve children and individuals with special needs (whether visible or “invisible”) and their families and caretakers, by introducing adjunct natural therapies of yoga and essential oils.
  • To create a community network of families to be strong and healthy naturally, Rooted Together! (Just like sequoia trees in the Redwood Forest.)

I know Marla to be a loving, caring, skillful and accomplished being. I support her in this wonderful labor of love.   Check it out here

I also wanted to share this request for volunteers for Hospice. I know Mary Silva to be a heartfelt, caring and loving being, She is the Volunteer Coordinator for Amedisys Hospice, and I am happy to publish her request.

Share your Gifts and Talents, Share your Time
Share your Compassion, Make a Difference for a Hospice Patient
and in their Families’ Lives
There are so many ways to help in your area!
Please contact Mary Silva, Hospice Volunteer Coordinator
919-494-3773 ext. 109