Surrender and letting go are two of my favorite subjects, probably because both are so necessary for me on a daily basis. I actually think that mostly we just have to let go and make space to receive more good than we can imagine – every day. I know I do. We don’t even have to know what we need to let go of or what we need to receive. Our Higher Self, which is our wisest self and all of Spirit knows what’s for our highest good and most loving for us. This is all part of asking and receiving, with thanks in advance, no matter what the answer is.

Giving up is not being powerless, helpless or hopeless. Giving up is giving into our wisdom and love that has only our best interests at heart. We give into our heart and our love. Our heart opens and expands, stretching beyond what we thought was our capacity. We allow the swells and waves and swirls of the most powerful force in the Universe to fill and push our heart space open until we gasp at the breadth and depth of love we allow.

That’s why we let go. To make space for more love and more good than we can imagine.