I was sitting in my library/office on the last day of March toasting with a glass of champagne. It was the last day of my birthday month and I celebrated from beginning to end. It wasn’t even a monumental milestone of a birthday. Except that it was…..

So it turns out that my Guiding Word this year might be Connection. I thought my words were Simply, Clear, Clarify….something along those lines. But it became clear early this year that I needed/wanted to connect with those people who are important in my life. Old friends, newer friends….acknowledging their importance in my journey and my life and actually seeing them, connecting with them in person, telling them I love them and cherish them. And so that has been my intention so far this year. And that might mean flying across country…..or staying at home and making time for beloved friends and family.

This is also the year my book is to be self-published. Details will follow….and it should be available for purchase in summer. This is a life-long dream of mine, and over the last few years it became a reality, was written, edited, and submitted. It’s a collection of all my metaphysical thoughts and teachings and writings on Love and how to apply it in our lives….which is what I am passionate about, what I teach, and what is my guiding mission in my life. It is a daily practice for me and I offer practical guidance and techniques to live life more harmoniously, smoothly, and lovingly. And of course, it’s all about learning to love, and loving yourself, first.

Oh, the title of my book? It’s All About Love: Metaphysics Demystified. Sending love to all….