Restoring, Regenerating, Healing

I talk a lot about taking loving care of yourself. And also that doing so is infinite and limitless. Nothing is once and done. We think we are taking loving care of ourself…and we are…and then life moves through us and we realize how we can take even more loving care of ourself. We learn in baby steps, we don’t get it all at once. That’s what life is for….to learn about love…in steps that we can handle.

After being diagnosed with cancer in 2013, I took loving care of myself in a number of ways. And in the years following, that care kept evolving. In 2017 I felt even more deeply what loving care meant, and took additional steps to support my healing. Everyone’s steps are different. Life is individual, and connected, all at the same time. As I take better care of myself, I fill up with the Love that is the Universal Life Force Energy. This Love restores, regenerates and heals. And then I can spill over, give back, take care of others from a strong and full place.

Recently I had the awareness that I have spent much of my lifetime draining my energy, leaking my energy, giving my energy and bits and pieces of myself, away. I didn’t know how to take loving care of myself. I didn’t know I had to fill myself up first. It has been a life long practice and a long time coming to love taking loving care of myself. I am so grateful that this work of Love that has become my practice and my calling has given me the tools to fill, restore, regenerate, and heal.

And this is why I teach all of this….as I teach it every day, I hear it over and over, and I remind myself, every day that I Am Love, I Love and I Am Loved.  This is true for every one of us. To my mind, there is no better or fulfilling practice than that of a loving life. And Love heals.