How often do we start feeling anxious when we are in the middle of some unknown territory? Often we are not sure how something is going to work out, what the answer will be, or how someone will react or respond. As some point in practically every process we might experience anxiety.

There are ways of dealing with anxiety. One way is to to be willing to know and eventually feel that we are all taken care of in that we are all part of this loving Universe that moves to the good in some way. We can trust we are moving toward resolution. Everything unfolds one way or another, whether we resist or allow. And there will be some good in the resolution. Keeping this in mind can help alleviate our anxiety.

My modus operandi, my MO, my way of being, used to be to have massive anxiety and worry or fear in any process. Of course, ultimately everything resolved in some way, and I was able to handle whatever the outcome was. This was what I finally realized, what finally clicked. Yes, people, situations, life were difficult . . . sometimes I didn’t know what I would do or how something would work out. But I handled it, whatever it was. Even times when I literally thought I would die, I would not get through this particular situation . . . I am still here to tell the tale, still standing. And there was always some good in the resolution.

I remember the moment when the light dawned and I realized that I may be unaware of how something would work out, but that of course it would. And in the next breath, I realized if I could let go of the anxiety, skip the anxiety step, I would facilitate moving to the resolution that much easier, that much quicker. I got it. It sounds so simple, but like everything else, not necessarily easy.

The anxiety still comes up as I often don’t know what will happen or how something will resolve. Now, as soon as I notice I’m gripping around the anxiety, I take a breath. I remind myself this is the anxiety step, my old MO, and it’s all energy and it has to move. And it will, at the right time, in the right way. I can ease up and move the energy with my willingness, or clamp down with my anxiety and slow the process. My choice. As always, I take a breath and make a choice.

Over time, my mental and emotional muscle memory kicks in when the anxiety arises. I am willing to let go of the anxiety, because it doesn’t feel good. And it doesn’t help the situation. The outcome may be unknown, but somehow, someway, it’s moving toward more good. My life history tells me this unequivocally. Maybe the good is that I’m learning to trust that things change and I will get through whatever is happening – hopefully, with more grace each time.