It’s hard to trust that we are doing the best we can. We humans are very entertained with second guessing ourselves. However, what has happened is ancient history. All we can do is review what choice we made, bless it, which helps us release it, and decide to do something differently the next time. Hopefully, we will have compassion for ourselves, give ourselves grace, and know we did the best we could. We forgive ourselves for thinking we could have done anything differently. We would have to be different people to have done anything differently at that time.The good news is, with awareness and loving kindness, we can make a different choice in the future.

If we don’t give ourselves some grace, we won’t have a loving foundation, a cushion-y moat of love that allows us to make a more loving decision in the next situation. The more we beat ourselves up or question what we did, we drain our supply of good feeling.

When we make a decision, it’s not set in stone. We will always have another chance to make another decision. Didn’t like today’s decision? Make a different decision tomorrow. This is being kind and compassionate to ourselves. This is how we are fluid, flexible and responsive, which is different than being wishy-washy or reactive.

Sometimes we think we’ll never get through a situation, whatever precipitated it. But everything changes, energy always moves. So like it or not, everything will change. Time will fly. Whether we’re happy or not, time flies. Whether we’re soaking up the present moment, or imagining worries up ahead, time flies. If we’re having a good time or a miserable time, time still flies.

With that in mind, perhaps we can lovingly hold ourselves in grace and kindness and make a decision about how to be kind to ourselves in this moment. And if we did something unloving, to ourselves or others (and we all do this because we’re human) we forgive ourselves and choose to do something different.

I like to think there are other lives, other dimensions, other expressions of our energy. But right now, we are here on Earth. On this Earth plane, in this life, I don’t want to waste any more time closing off my loving feeling. No matter how long we are with those that we love and cherish, that time ultimately might feel fleeting. In this life, I always feel I can never love enough or love long enough. Everything and everyone ultimately changes, passes, is impermanent. So I want to love as much as I can, moment to moment. This moment is all we’re ever sure of, all we ever have. Until the next.

Why are we here? To remember we are love, to love, and to be loved. Please join with me in loving well, starting with our sweet selves.