This has been a tough year. We try to remember that all this chaos and madness will pass, and we will get through it all. We will remember our resilience. A good time to ask for help and guidance!

I’ve been asking my angels and guides for comfort and help every day. And along the way, they gave me my Guiding Word for 2021. It is time to ask for your Guiding Word or Words for the new year?

What is a Guiding Word? This is one or more words or a phrase to help guide you, focus you, keep you on track, inspire you in the year to come. Over the years, my words have been Joy, Embrace, Limitless, Infinite, Peace, Self, Love, Clarity, Simplicity, Connection, Light, Presence, Be Here Now . . . and maybe ALLOW for 2021. Our word or words present when we ask our true being, our Higher Self, our inner wisdom. We all have our answers within us.

So, if you’re interested in opening up to your Guiding Word for 2021, let’s begin. Simply, curiously, inquire: what might be the word or words that could be a guiding light for me in this new year, this new cycle? Just let it rise up, without judgment. Just ask, take your time….you may be surprised at what comes up….it may take some time, a few days, or even into the new year….but at just the right time, you will hear it.

What if you can’t hear your guiding word? Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have one or that you don’t have an inner voice. It may just mean that you have to grease your channel a little bit….your channel to your inner being may be a bit rusty from lack of regular conscious use.

Here are some suggestions: Sit quietly. Imagine the light that is your true being, with all your answers, sliding into the top of your head and settling in you, getting very comfy merging with your physical counterpart . . . and radiating beyond your body. Now, as much as you can, just let go into your light . . . and think of your year ahead, what you imagine, ask what guidance your inner voice/inner being has for you . . . without efforting . . .you might even playfully say, is it this, is it this? with words that come up that you think you might like, that resonate with you.

Start opening the channel by having the conversation, with expectancy, but not effort. Allow your mind to wander over the upcoming new year and without attachment or agenda, just ask . . . and receive . . . trust yourself. A friend whose mind is always active questioned whether the word she heard was being given to her by her true, inner voice, or her active, thinking mind . . . when I suggested trying other perfectly good words . . . they just didn’t fit like the word that managed to be heard through all the daily mind chatter. Trust that you really do have access to your inner true voice . . . it always manages to be heard some way, somehow.

The word you receive will unfold during the year, it will take you to many different places and have many permutations that may not be obvious at first. But it will absolutely guide you. My words this year were “BE HERE NOW”. I wasn’t sure what this would mean beyond the obvious implications of being present . . . but I just kept it in mind and let it show me what it meant for me so far this year. It became part of my daily fabric . . . and it led me to more acceptance, ease, resilience, noticing, awareness, neutrality, calm. My inner wisdom unfolded these words day by day, and always for my highest good.

Wishing you curiosity, joy and ease in the process and adventure of unfolding your own Guiding Word.