Whenever the Universe/Spirit/God/Angels/Guides/Protectors in Spirit/Source/All That Is want to get my attention, they make sure I hear the message in several ways. I can be hard-headed, kind of dense sometimes. Thus, I always ask for my answers to be crystal clear. However, if I miss the answer, I won’t miss out. We can never miss out. Another bus (or Uber or Lyft) will be along directly!

This was from Notes from the Universe:

Just a word from you, just a word — and I’m there.
No matter where “there” is. No matter what you want. No matter what you need. No matter where you’ve been. No matter where you’re headed. No matter when you ask. No matter how you ask. No matter who’s there with you. No matter who else you’re thinking of. And I travel with all the angels — every single one of them — with just a word from you. Please, believe me – The Universe

I’ve come across several readings like this recently. Clearly the Universe was making sure I didn’t miss the message! I know this, but I really felt this, really got it deep in my marrow. I felt the closeness of the Universe like a second skin. I understand, and thought I had resolved for myself, that we are individual, but indivisible from Oneness. It’s a lifelong challenge to not feel separate. It’s so easy for us to feel cast off, forgotten, adrift, alone. We might think, If I’m so taken care of and always held in the palm of God, why is this happening? What that often means is, I don’t think I can get through this.

St. Francis de Sales wrote in the sixteenth century: “Make yourself familiar with the angels, and behold them frequently in spirit; for without being seen, they are present with you.”

Something clicked after reading these passages. Maybe I reached the 90%! I thought I surely was at 51% or 75% in this understanding. For a long time, I have known and felt without question that I was heard and responded to by All That Is, All that I am a part of. But this visceral feeling was a step beyond. I felt All of the All already here, constantly, wrapped around me and all of us, in a more profound way. We don’t perceive it or feel it most of the time, and we think we have to call out or request the attention of the Universe before we ask for the help we need, when it’s here all the time.

The magnitude of this constancy, the inability of this support to be interrupted, cannot be overstated. It can’t be taken away from us, we can only disallow it, or not trust it. It is already part of us and we are part of it. It feels like being in the sweet embrace of warm, buoyant water that completely encompasses us, holds us, supports us. We can fall into it and float, effortlessly.

We can believe this, trust it, call on it, expect it, use it, love it, appreciate it . . . whether we feel it or not. It’s always there, unconditionally. It’s hard to describe because it’s part of invisible, Loving, Spirit. Human words can’t encompass something so ineffable, so expansive, so connected, so constant, so reliable – which is so out of our normal experience. As Rumi says: “Silence is the language of god, all else is poor translation.”

And yet, I will try to surround it with words because it’s more real, more permanent, more sure than anything in our temporary, impermanent, flawed human world.