We’ve had to let go of so much in the last few months . . . pretty much life as we knew it. All of the letting go – the sadness, the anger, the grief, the confusion, the anxiety and worry – all of that is energy. And all that energy has to be processed, or it hangs over us like a cloud. And that cloud can make us feel even worse.

Many years ago, I was holding on to a lot of old, unprocessed energy. I had a lot of things I just would not let go of, although I didn’t realize it. I was told by an acupuncturist/herbalist that I had a cloud of uncleared energy pressing down on me and that I needed to take six weeks off to allow it to process and clear, or I might very well get sick. Being the (more) stubborn, (more) hard headed person that I was then, I just dismissed the very good advice . . . and lo and behold, a continuing medical condition devolved and I wound up taking eight weeks off, after trying to go back to work a week after surgery. One way or another, my Higher Self was going to make me take the time I needed to take loving care of myself, no matter how much I resisted.

We humans learn best when we feel something. We are told as children, don’t play with matches, they can burn you! I of course had to play with the matches and feel the burn. I learn viscerally. And this is often how we learn, we have to experience something in our own lives to know it, understand it, own it, resolve it. And, we are not perfect. So I had to go through several cycles of doing too much, holding onto old baggage, and experiencing the result of what that residue felt like in my body, to finally develop a practice to continually let go of whatever energy I might be holding onto.

Here’s one of the ways I get rid of the residue, the remnants of energy that might be clouding up my energy field. When I get into bed, I ground myself, and I ask what packages of energy am I ready to return to where they belong, so I don’t have to carry this baggage around anymore. I imagine/see various doors with steps in front of each door. I drop the packages that belong to that energy field represented by each door right on the steps. And then I move on to the next door and set of steps.

Sometimes I know who the door belongs to and what’s in the packages, and sometimes I don’t. It doesn’t matter. What matters is unburdening and clearing my energy field, and thus lightening up my life experience.

You may be visual or not, you may not imagine or see images, you may just intend to release all that is ready to be released. You can give the energy up to the cosmos, the heavens, to be transformed into Love and Light. You can offer the old energy to the Earth as compost for the nourishing and nurturing energy that she gives to us. Or you may simply state, I release whatever I need to, to make room for more good than I can imagine.