There is an image that sometimes comes up when I’m doing a session. I see a long line of ancestors behind the person on the table. The ancestors are passing on strength, wisdom, support, love. They show up when someone needs extra guidance or reassurance. They may impart some direction or comfort or assistance.

Recently, a large group of women in my ancestry showed up for me; they told me I have a voice now that they didn’t have. They were strong women, no doubt about it. These women came from Europe or were born to immigrant families. The women worked just as hard as the men: as butchers, milliners, seamstresses, bakers. I always felt I honored their tradition by also working with my hands.

These women said they were oppressed and repressed to some degree just by virtue of being women. They helped financially support the family as well as do everything else that women do. Sounds a lot like what happens even now.

I have a different life, although misogyny and sexism still exist in our society. I had been feeling a heavy yoke on my shoulders, as if I was carrying a great weight and experiencing the pain of that. These loving, powerful women told me I was carrying the weight of all that had gone before, all that they had experienced, and I could let it go. I could move into the present and really embrace how different my life was and know that each successive generation will throw off that yoke of inequality.

As we are part of all the energy that is, we sometimes feel things that are not a part of our dimension, but part of all the energy that ever was. This helps us remember how it was, so we can do our part to move ever forward to more good and more Love. And then we can pass on a different memory and message to the next generations to come.