I often hear people say, I don’t feel grown up, when will I feel grown up? Or, adulting is hard! Of course with me, you know it’s all about Love . . . and truly, I didn’t feel grown up until I learned to love myself. That gave me such strength that I felt I truly would get through anything. Loving myself meant I could feel the connection with my Higher Self and that meant I felt powerful. Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. It meant I felt my power.

And when I felt that Love, that strength, that power, I also felt grown up. Not in a smug, arrogant way, but in a calm, all will unfold in just the right way, kind of way. I’ll do my part, everything that is necessary in any particular situation, and the Universe will do its part. I’ll get an answer, a resolution. I trusted – myself and the loving energy of the All that Is, of Source, of Spirit. I could relax.

And how do we learn to love ourselves? You can read my blog about learning to love yourself here. . . or pick up my book It’s All About Love. It might be a good read!