It’s okay if we rest. Rest is one of the Four Pillars of Health, along with Right Movement, Right Nutrition and Right Relationship Within and Without. We need rest to clear out, reset, fill up. Resting is different than sleeping. We can rest without sleeping. As I was lying in bed this morning, I wasn’t really tired. I had been up for an hour or more. I just wanted to give myself a little bit more . . . rest.

It was delicious to choose to put aside the “to do list” and make myself the priority, for just a little while. The house was quiet. The sheets felt wonderful. The bed welcomed me. I fell deep into myself and let my mind wander, explore the internal corners. I noticed the gradual process of letting go. My body relaxed. Space was made within. And then I felt that space being filled with ease, light, softness. I was at peace.

All was well in the world. I had a good day. I didn’t push or stress. I got some things done. I just needed a little rest.