Ever feel annoyed by your partner, spouse, friend, co-worker . . . or anyone? Silly question, I know. People can be so annoying, right?! But why?

Since we and everything are energy, when we feel reactive we might be holding some energy (maybe from a long time ago) that just got triggered. The energy others are exuding or projecting just came into contact with the energy we have within us. The energy we are holding could be from trauma, past danger or hurt, a previous bad experience with a similar situation or person. We could be tired, our reservoir could be empty. That impatience or alert or anger or whatever we feel is because some energy got poked.

Any kind of relationship is great for mirroring what we are holding inside of us. We can gently, lovingly look inside and ask what is this energy? Is it from present time, does it belong to now? Is it an intuition or signal about this person or situation? Or is it from sometime in the past? And can we be present and kind to ourselves or do we need help to sort this out? Is this a pattern that seems to be in control of us? How do we take back our power and do what’s loving for ourselves so we can restore our good feeling?

These are questions I ask myself all the time. And I ask for help regularly from certain trusted people and from my angels and guides. When I feel reactive and blaming because of what someone said or did, I don’t feel good. It’s my responsibility to restore my good feeling. Which means being loving to myself in the process, first and foremost. And then doing the work that is necessary to come back to the loving person I am in my true Self, and that we all are.

Relationships can be wonderful, annoying, and useful – all at the same time.