Turn and face the strange
Pretty soon now you’re gonna get older
Time may change me
But I can’t trace time
I said that time may change me
But I can’t trace time
—David Bowie

I’ve had a lot of changes in my life in the last few months. Of course, energy is always moving, and everything is energy, so everything is always changing, even if imperceptibly. It seems impossible that my husband is 90, and in a few weeks, I will be 65. How did we both get to these ages? I can’t feel time passing. It is only when I look at the depth and breadth of the experiences of my life that I know that so much time has passed.

I used to think this song said but I can’t change time, not trace time. I think it’s all the same, though. Time changes us, and we can’t change what happened, or what brought us to this present moment. When we look back, it’s hard even to trace the threads that had to intertwine in so many convoluted, unknown ways to help us arrive where we are right now.

I’ve always liked getting older. Maybe I’m wiser, maybe I make better choices, but at least I have an appreciation for the process of Life. I am better able to “face the strange”. I am in awe of how people came into my life, or left it, or how I was guided and directed to whatever was for my highest good, even when I had no idea where I was going, or what I was doing. A lot of times were tough and distressing, and ultimately all of it brought me to learning to love and take care of myself through all of changes and challenges. Or at least the best I can. I still have life to live, so I still have time to learn how to take better loving care of myself. And Life keeps bringing us opportunities to do just that.