Long before chat rooms, message boards, DM or IM, we always had our bodies. Our bodies are great message boards, billboards, sign posts. When something shows up in our bodies, we don’t need to blame ourselves. We don’t even need to figure out why it’s happening. We don’t need to use “positive thinking”because we are under the impression we should always feel great if we’re “thinking the right way”. We don’t need to ignore it, hoping it will go away. And we don’t need to dismiss what we are feeling, thinking we are making a big deal about nothing. We don’t need to dismiss whatever is going on in our bodies.

We can be kind. We can thank our bodies for showing us we have pain, we have an issue, maybe there is a problem. Our bodies can tell us we are uncentered or need grounding, or circumstances have set us adrift and disoriented us. We can be loving to ourselves, telling our sweet bodies that we will do our best to take care of them, whatever that means. We can be willing to seek help. We can remember that bodies break down, give out, need tender loving care. We can be worried, frightened and concerned; we are human. And we can do whatever is necessary.

Sometimes what’s necessary is being willing to cleanse whatever is clogging up the works, even if we don’t know what it is, even if we are going through medical treatment. We can come to a quiet place, be willing to ground ourselves from the heavens to the earth. And we can just be willing to state: whatever this is, I am willing to cleanse my sweet body of whatever I might be holding. I am willing to release whatever I might be unaware of. I am willing to forgive whatever needs to be forgiven in myself or others.

We do this practice not because it guarantees healing of our body, but so we can find a more loving, peaceful place within to deal with whatever we need to. Life happens. We go through a lot in our lives. And we can use tools to make space within to help us find that inner peace and light and love.

Join me: I love my body. I cleanse and release whatever I might be holding onto. I forgive myself for whatever unkindness I might be holding against myself or others. I am willing to find the peace and light and love that is my true being that will help me navigate all that life brings.