My dear friend Becky Eschenburg is a certified Coach and Intuitive Empath. You can find more information about her here:

As my husband entered hospice, she drew two oracle cards for me: Divine Timing and Vulnerability and Freedom. Of course, they were just the perfect cards for me.

Everything is in Divine Timing. We can trust that. So there’s no rush to anything. It will all unfold in the right way, in the right time. We can ask “when”, and the answer is, at the right time.

In trusting, we are vulnerable. That give us the freedom to be present with what we are feeling. I am kind of surprised that I am perfectly content to just sit with Ed. I feel sad, I cry, and I know that we are wrapping up our life together. The past is finally past and we are able to be right here right now in these moments together. I’m feeling it all. It’s actually very freeing. It helps me embrace all that is happening, which is all unknown, except the end result. As Kate DiCamillo says: We can bear it all by loving it all.

At this moment, Ed is peaceful. He isn’t in pain. I am at peace. We have said everything that needs to be said. All that’s left is Love.