Fall is a time of letting go and letting come. We are willing to let go of what doesn’t serve us. In the letting go, we make space to let in what will nourish us through the colder weather, quieter, less active, more yin times to come. Sometimes the only way we let go is when there’s nothing to hold onto anymore. When our old perceptions and ideas start shredding, we can grasp at the shreds which provide no support, or we can ask ourselves, what is true?

Sometimes what we thought to be true, just never was. Someone once told me not to put them up on a pedestal. They knew I was ascribing qualities to them that weren’t true. Over the years, I kept holding on to ideas of people or myself that just weren’t true. Eventually those ideas fall apart under the light of truth . . . and then what?

Faulty ideas crack open because they never had a sturdy foundation. The cracks allow slivers of light to come in. All we need is the smallest bit of light to begin our illumination. Ego is very stubborn, as we know. We may fight the light/truth, but the light is persistent. I’ve always loved that from the Winter Solstice onward, the light grows every day until the peak of light at the Summer Solstice. In the dead of winter, we have more light than we did at the Solstice. Winter may be coming, but so is the light.

We may be grasping at straws and flailing in stories we are loathe to change. We may feel nothing is solid or sure. Impermanence is a hallmark of our human life. What is real, solid and true, is Love and Light. And that is our true nature.

Even in this human world, if only for moments at a time, we feel the blanket of Love that surrounds us, holds us, and lifts us up out of the darkness and into the light. And for a moment, we remember that everything, including us, are inherently Love and Light.

And that’s the Truth.