Last week I wrote about falling apart. This week, everything (and I) came back together. How does that happen?

As day follows night, as light follows dark, we come back. We remember. We return to what we always were and always are. In the midst of that dark night, we forget. Or we remember but we can’t feel that we are unfractured and whole. We only feel the pain of separation. What causes the most pain is the seeming separation from our true Self. When we can’t feel our Higher Self, the Love we are, we are in pain. The saddest thing to witness is someone who cannot feel or connect with the Love that surrounds us and that we are, inherently.

As humans, we go through this many times. We are stressed, in pain, tired, traumatized or triggered and feel adrift, disconnected, discombobulated. We know there is another way to be and feel, but we can’t seem to get there. We just have to remember that our being knows what to do, we are taken care of and guided. We just keep on keeping on – and being willing to receive the guidance and help that is always available from all of Spirit/Source/angels and guides.

And then, sometimes in a moment, something opens up. I felt that this last week. I’m always amazed and in awe, even though I’ve experienced this countless times. I was distressed, angry, ungrounded and not centered. The details why are not really important. I know I am indivisibly connected to All That Is, and I am dynamic Love just like the Universe, but I couldn’t feel it. I kept being willing and trusting as much as I could be. Willingness is one of the keys to healing, along with Love. We need the willingness to get to the Love.

As I lay in bed saying I’m ready for help/guidance/assistance (I do some of my best meditative work lying in bed), I suddenly felt a great calm. A wave of ease and reassurance flowed through me. I knew all was well. I realized I had been using up all my energy trying to be on someone else’s path. I needed to back off and get back on my path, and let the other person make their own way, with their own guidance. Not abandon them, but have compassionate detachment and know they are taken care of. I didn’t have to try to live their life for them, even if they needed a lot of assistance. In that moment, I felt filled and nourished. Of course I was burned out trying to live two lives. As I let go in trust, I was restored. Physically, mentally and spiritually, I felt the shift. It was remarkable.

And it has lasted. I came back to center, grounded, reconnected with my Higher Self. The Love we are does eventually flow again. What a relief to remember – and feel it. Until we forget again . . . and come back – again and again and again.