2020 is a “Four” Year. The number Four in numerology has to do with foundations. Think of the foundation of a house: if it’s not built properly the house will shift. The foundation can start to crumble. Then everything built on the foundation is in danger of collapsing.

In some areas prone to earthquakes, there are seismic building codes that require certain structures to be built solidly grounded into bedrock, but with shock absorbers to absorb the tremors. They are designed to have some sway during earth movements rather than being rigid. That unforgiving stiffness in a rigid building could cause snapping, falling, breaking.

Energetically, this year our very foundations, our values, how we think of ourselves and the world around us, might be shifting or needing adjusting. Not all foundations have integrity. If we keep building up and up on a faulty foundation, eventually everything will come down like a house of cards. Not surprisingly, a lot of what we thought was set in stone turns out to be not so solid.

Life always moves toward the good. When things fall apart, it gives us a chance to examine what is true, loving and real. Energy is always moving, fluid. Until we crack and break, or feel ourselves twisting and snapping, we may not realize we might need to incorporate some flexibility, some softness into a reworked foundation. Lovingly forgiving ourselves allows us to move forward in grace, kindness and adaptability.