Byron Katie writes that our work is whatever shows up in the present. It’s right there. Not mysterious. Just whatever shows up, that’s our work. What’s showing up for you right now?

What’s showing up for me is that I have no idea where anything is going. That’s what’s in the present. So then what? So if our work is whatever shows up in the present, my work is to be willing to be uncomfortable with the unknowing, and trust that when it’s time to do something, I’ll know it. In the meantime, I just keep showing up, doing all the usual daily things that need to be done. That’s also my work.

We can’t make any long range plans right now. It’s actually kind of laughable to try to do so. At the same time, we can trust that everything is somehow moving to the good. So maybe our work right now is to trust we are taken care of, and that we are all an indivisible part of all the Love that is the Universe. And that Love does ultimately express itself visibly in Life.