At the end of every year, I send out a newsletter talking about your Guiding Word for the New Year. A Guiding Word is one or more words or a phrase to help guide you, focus you, keep you on track, and inspire you in the year to come. Over the years, my words have been Joy, Embrace, Limitless, Infinite, Peace, Self, Love, Clarity, Simplicity, Connection, Light, Presence, Be Here Now . . . and ALLOW for 2021. Our word or words present when we ask our true being, our Higher Self, our inner wisdom. We all have our answers within us.

So here we are more than halfway through 2021. How’s that Guiding Word working for you? My word ALLOW has been kicking my butt, asking me to Allow more than I could imagine – or wanted. Allow so much new and different, allow letting go and surrendering, allow that I have no idea but will be shown and guided. It’s been quite the Guiding Word. I resisted this word when I first heard it . . . but it would not be quieted. I reluctantly accepted it because it wasn’t going anywhere. And as always, it has taken me on an unexpected journey.

Interestingly, ALLOW has brought me to a cumulative, more peaceful place which encompasses all my past Guiding Words. Who knew? I just had to Allow.