You know those noodles people use in pools? Long cylindrical tubes of flexible, buoyant foam. You can hold onto them and float, easily supporting your body. I was leaning on one of them in the pool this morning, and thought how light and supported, how effortless and peaceful I felt. And then I thought, hmmmmm, just like how the Universe supports us.

If I hold onto just one little end of the noodle, I won’t be as effortlessly supported. The noodle is there for me. It doesn’t hold itself back. It’s available for me. I just have to use it. I don’t even have to ask. It’s not pushing itself on me. It’s not playing coy and being just out of reach. It’s just there, available, ready for me – or anyone and everyone. Whenever I want. Or, I can just let it go and sink and have to do all the work of keeping myself afloat. My choice, with my free will. The noodle is happy just floating in the pool being a noodle. And also is just as happy helping me. It doesn’t have a preference. It’s being exactly what it is, whether anyone is using it or not.

Just like the Universe. Always ready and willing. Just there. Always. I can use it, ignore it, use a little bit of it, grab it, hang onto it, be supported, sink, whatever I want. It doesn’t hold back. It doesn’t scold or advise or judge. It just is. Right there. Available. Always. Being Itself. However I need it. My choice.

I just have to use my noodle.