I’ve come to a conclusion, one that I seem to come to over and over. If 2020 (and the beginning of 2021) have taught me anything, it’s that I realize (once again) that I don’t know . . . about a lot of things. And I also realize, it doesn’t matter. What matters is showing up and knowing I’ll be guided by my inner wisdom to handle whatever comes my way. That inner wisdom springs from pure love.

The only thing I know for sure is Love. I know that Love is true and real. And that’s what matters. All else is temporary, and part of the human world. Sometimes the human world feels like a big deal . . . but everything in it will eventually pass. So it’s really unreal in the sense that it’s temporary. Maybe a big deal now, but not permanently. That doesn’t dismiss the pain, but it gives me a way through it. It won’t last forever, and Love will.

I find it very freeing to not know. It gives me an openness, a spaciousness, a curiosity that I didn’t have when I thought I knew everything (yes, I was a know-it-all). Try it on for size. Just say out loud in this moment, I don’t know. I don’t know what’s going to happen, I don’t know why anyone else is doing what they are doing, I don’t know what is right for anyone else, and it’s okay. We can’t be separated from our inner wisdom. That Higher Self that is our True Self sees all, knows all, and tells all at the right time. We can hear this quiet, true voice better when we are not distracting ourselves thinking about everyone else’s path. I invite you to come back to your own path, the only path you can do anything about. Your path is your business. Their path is their business.

I always think of our human self standing at the wheel of a ship, frantically twisting and turning the wheel in reaction to, well, everything. Our Higher Self sits serenely at the top of the highest mast, seeing the entire seascape/landscape/worldscape, with a 360 degree view and knowing just where we are going and how to get there. We can hear the gentle, sage guidance of our Higher Self with its elevated, clear view if we just make some space and let go of the wheel.

Our human self may not know the best course, and may be confused by the agitation all around us. At the same time, we are also our serene Higher Self, inseparably, inextricably, indivisibly, and one with the Universe. In the midst of the storm, if we take a breath and trust our wise True Self and All That Is, we will get exactly where we need to be, at just the right time, in just the right way. The trick is to let our human self be in service to our Higher Self. While our human self, our ego, wants to think it knows it all, we are much better served if we allow our Loving Being with its true strength of loving wisdom to run the show. That will right our ship, no matter how the winds and waves toss us.