It’s so human and natural to worry if we’re doing something right. We even say, I want to do it perfectly. I’m afraid I won’t do it perfectly. I may not do it perfectly, like you.

Someone said this to me when I was teaching them something, and I said, you will do it in your own perfect way. You don’t have to do it my way. There’s more than one perfect way to do this.

We each are unique. It follows then that the way we each do things will be unique. Comparing ourselves to others is often a path to suffering. Our way may not be someone else’s way; it may even be better, besides being different! It doesn’t make it any less perfect as long as it’s our true authentic expression, and the best we can do.

I often subscribe to the “good enough principle”. I’ve discovered my unrelenting perfectionism didn’t serve anyone. Good enough is often . . . good enough! It’s kinder to me. And since I’m not cracking the whip over myself, I’m not doing it to anyone else, either.

There is a metaphysical principle about the Quality and Quantity of Life. The Quality of Life is Love. It is said that the Quantity is Perfection. What that means is that Life, and the Love that animates and flows through Life, is perfectly expressed in limitless ways. In other words, all the infinite ways that Life is expressed are just perfect. It’s the uncountable, unique expressions of life, the quantity of expression, that’s perfect, not that we have to be perfect. It’s perfect that Life is always expressing in boundless ways through each of us and everything in Life. That’s the Quantity of Perfection. Not that every expression is “doing it right or perfectly”. It’s that it’s perfect just how Life is being expressed in all the immeasurable ways that Life is being expressed. THAT’S perfection!

So, we are just perfect in how we are expressing the Love we are, however we are doing that, however flawed it looks to us. We are perfectly imperfect. We’re not doing it wrong. We’re moving through Life on our path in our own way, different from everyone else’s way. How perfect is that?!