I was talking to a friend recently about all the upheaval in the world. I said that in spite of my personal challenges and all the disruption in the world, life is good. She responded, how can you say that? How can life be good with all this tragedy and sadness? Good question!

I recognize all the hard stuff in my life and I witness the difficulties of so many others. And I have to come back to this moment, right now, as often as possible, and check in. What am I grateful for? In this moment, even if everything is falling apart all around me, am I okay? If I sit here and breathe and close my eyes, at this very moment, all is well.

So even though I will get up and deal with my caregiving responsibilities and watch the news and think about everything that everyone is going through . . . still, right now, this instant, if I really inhabit this nano-moment and take a breath, life IS good.

I often think of – and feel reassured by – this quote:

“Live each moment completely and the future will take care of itself. ” 

― Paramahansa Yogananda

Just focus on this moment. And then this moment. And then this moment . . . string enough moments together, and in the middle of everything, all of it – ah, life is good.