Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity, it is said. Sometimes the way we take care of ourselves needs to be rethought, shifted, reinvented. What we’ve always done may not be supporting us anymore, even if in the past it did restore and re-nourish us. And there’s the rub. We’ve always done it this way, this has always worked, done the trick, and if it no longer is working . . . then what?

Once again, we have to be willing. Willing to hear the answer no matter what the answer is. Willing to let go of how we always did it and allow what is the most loving way now. It may take a while to hear the answer. We don’t really have to effort to figure this out. We make space and allow our Higher Self to work with our human self to suggest some new experiments. And it may take a few trials to see what feels good and actually does fill up our reservoir, our moat, right now.

Even though we think we might know, we don’t really know what the best way is for other (adults) to take care of themselves. The most loving thing we can say is: I really hope and trust that you find what feels most loving to you. This helps us stay on our path and pay attention to what works for us. It’s a big enough job just to take care of ourselves, and essential if we want to lovingly be present for someone else.

I really hope and trust that you find what feels most loving to you.