We have put 2022 to bed. 2023 is already rapidly unfolding. What if we did something different this year and just were kinder to ourselves? What if we were easier on ourselves? What if we just gave ourselves a break?

It’s been a tough last year or three or six. Personally, I am healing from lots of trauma, sadness and loss over the last few years. And I am healing. I felt I hit a wall last year. I just had to stop, rest, take it easy. I finally took a good chunk of time off from at the end of 2022 into 2023. I noticed what I could accomplish, and what I couldn’t. I slept a lot. My visit with my sister and nephew in the California desert which was supposed to be R & R turned out to be saying goodbye to my brother-in-law as he moved across the veil. And reconnecting with my family. I let the space and healing power of the desert flow through me as we grieved and let go, and loved. And I didn’t expect much from myself or others. I just let all of us be.

Lessening, even abandoning my expectations of everyone, including myself (as much as possible) was freeing. It allowed me to drop into a very present space. I couldn’t muster any resistance or rigidity. Instead, I felt flexibility and acceptance. It’s been a very different experience, and a long time coming. And, it was wonderful to feel that resilience and flow.

So now in this new year, I am willing, as much as possible, to move in that same spirit. Make space for me, make space for others, allow compassion and kindness for all of us. Notice more, expect less. And maybe, just maybe, that will allow for more ease, joy, light, love and peace.