I think about letting go just about every day. There always seems to be something more to release. Let go of that reaction. Stop thinking about what someone else is doing or thinking. Move past obsessing about that subject. Every time I’m thinking about what someone else is doing, I’m getting off my path and onto theirs. And it doesn’t feel good. It just distracts me from where I need to be – firmly on my path, to do my work.

What is letting go exactly? What are we letting go of, ultimately? We let go of our resistance to our Higher Self. We let go of our resistance to the Love that we Are. We surrender to the expression of Love that is always available to us. And embrace all that is happening in the present. That is our work – what shows up in the present.

We resist when we want something stubbornly that is just not happening. We resist when we want someone to be different than they are. We resist when we engage in thinking, why does it have to be this way?! We resist when we think everything would be perfect if only…..and fail to be in the present, here and now.

When we embrace what is happening, we are present. When we let go of what is in our way and embrace what is right here, it’s like we are right on top of the wellspring of the loving energy that we inherently are. We are aligned with our Higher Self (at least 51%). When we resist, we have stepped away from that flow, closed the door on it. No one pushed us off . . . at some level, conscious or not, we made a choice, with our free will, to step out of the present, out of the flow of Love, out of alignment. And then we feel angry, resentful, fearful, anxious, worried . . . all kinds of not feeling good or at peace.

The good news is that the flow of Love, the Love we truly are, is never interrupted within our True Self – which is what we truly are every moment of every day of our Life, both on this earth and beyond. And with our next breath, we have another chance to open to that infinite and limitless flow of Love.

As Louise Hay says in one of my favorite prayers/affirmations:

Deep at the center of my being,
there is an infinite well of Love.
I now allow this Love to flow to the surface.
It fills my heart, my body, my mind, my consciousness,
my very being, and radiates out from me in all directions
and returns to me multiplied.
The more Love I use and give, the more I have to give.
The supply is endless.
The use of Love makes me feel good,
it is an expression of my inner joy.