We are so taken care of. We always get the messages we need, at the right time. We can’t miss them. We just have to say Yes! to hearing the answer, no matter what it is.

I’ve been going through a cycle of migraines over the summer. Anyone who has headaches, migraines, or vestibular issues knows how miserable they can feel. This has been going on for decades with me, so over the years I’ve learned ways to take loving care of myself. There are certain triggers: foods that exacerbate the issue, stress (none of that happening now!), fatigue, over-doing, anger. Acupressure and gentle chiropractic help a lot, and a compounded medicine. Resting is key. And always, surrendering to alignment with my Higher Self, and calling out for help from my Angels and Guides. And then being willing to receive the answers, the guidance, no matter what it is.

So this time, the crystal clear answer I received was:

Give Up Hate, Surrender Fear

Whoa. That set me back on my heels. I didn’t like to think I was trafficking in hate and fear. I was resisting looking at what I was holding onto, and until I embraced what I was doing, I couldn’t forgive myself and gauge how willing I was to let Love surround the hate and fear. Ugh.

However, this is what I teach, so I better practice what I preach. And that’s the process I’m in right now. Just being willing to remember the powerful Love I am and we All Are. Let that flow in and around whatever I am holding, be willing to release the fear and hatred (whatever it is about) and replace it with more Love. And that’s how we are all taken care of. That Love allows us to cope and get through anything – with more grace than we can imagine.

Hatred is the least amount of Love. Fear is the least amount of Love. Love is the least amount of hatred and fear. I choose Love. As much as possible – at least 51% on the good days.