Letting Go. It never seems to end. As I get older, I keep distilling what I learn about Life. Sometimes I think it all comes down to simply letting go. Over and over, again and again. Sounds so simple. We know it’s not easy to actually do.

There’s a lot of news these days. One piece of news on April 24 was about the American Embassy personnel held hostage for 444 days in Iran and the failed rescue attempt 40 years ago. Kathryn Koob was one of two women held captive. I read the details of her ordeal along with the others. She said in an interview in 2014: “You don’t go through something like that without changing. But people can be hostages in a lot of different ways. You can be held hostage if you lose a job, have a terminal illness or something goes wrong with a family relationship.”

This year an interviewer asked her, how do you deal with this experience, how do you assimilate it into your life? Kathryn Koob answered, “That was 14 months out of 80 years. I let it go.”

That simple statement resonated with me profoundly. I hear her voice echoing in my mind as I move through this time that so many of us are experiencing as life interrupted. Over and over during the day, as I tighten up around something, I hear her voice. And in utter kindness and compassion for myself, I try to be willing to let go of whatever it is that is constricting my flow of good feeling in that moment. And as I let go of the fear, worry, anxiety, even for a moment, I am more present, and I feel reassurance of the ease and Love of my Higher Self.

I may go through this letting go process countless times during the day. It’s okay that I have to do it again and again. The willingness is what’s important. It’s one of the keys to healing. It unlocks our flow of Love. And Love is the key that will get us through anything and everything.