We may have a lot of time on our hands right now, or we may have our hands full with more than ever. Either way, our routine has probably changed. These changes in our usual way of life create cracks, openings, possibilities. Through those cracks, some old stuff might be filtering up.

It’s not usually pleasant when old baggage resurfaces. We revisit past decisions, past choices, past relationships – even when it’s not Mercury Retrograde (the next Mercury Retrograde starts June 19). I’ve been having vivid dreams of past people and situations. As we have more time and space to allow bits and pieces to sift up from the depths, old issues come back for another look, old anxieties resurface. There’s nothing to be done about all of these except forgive ourselves for thinking we could have done anything different at the time, hold ourselves in the utmost compassion, and stay grounded as best we can through the discomfort. It may be very uncomfortable, but it will pass. We will live through the unease.

I still have the same issues I’ve always had with some people. I just usually stay busy enough not to think about things or people I cannot change. It isn’t about changing others, anyway. It’s always about how I choose to respond. Our response is the only thing we can control.

So I find myself saying, uh – oh, that old, agitating, edgy stuff is coming up again. Or I’m not even aware anxiety/fear/grief/sadness is showing up, but I find myself hungry, or irritated all the time. Again, really? Of course. Nothing is ever once and done.

I love the time and space I have each day, and there is the flip side . . . that time allows the remnants of energy from old issues that might be hiding out in the nooks and crannies to seep up through the openings. Not to be fixed or resolved or even understood; just for us to be willing to surround all of it – and ourselves – with compassion. We apply Love. As I do that, I find my irritation lessening, my reactivity calming, and my out of control hunger goes away. We all have our own versions of this.

Just be willing to tell yourself: I am/we are all taken care of, this will pass; I am/we are getting through this already; I/we don’t have to know the how, the how is the job of Spirit/God/Universe/Source/Nature/All That Is. Gradually we build our feelings of trust and certainty to 51%. At 51% we actually feel that we are all taken care of, without having to know how. And then we have fertile ground to allow our solution, of all the infinite solutions from the limitless Universe, to drop in our lap.