I’ve been writing a lot about how my life has been changing. My responsibilities have changed, my priorities have changed, my ideas of myself and what’s important have changed.

I am conducting my daily life very differently right now due to a lot of external circumstances, and my internal response. At some point, I stopped reacting and started responding. As my friend/therapist Lisa Fields says, With awareness, there is choice. I have created more space, more calm, less doing. And with that space comes more awareness, and more choice.

So I hang out a lot more than I used to. I stayed in the house most of the weekend. I loved and took care of my family and my fur baby Little Bear. I keep up with what really needs to be done, but it turns out, there’s a lot of time for relaxing. And you know what? I’m not gonna feel guilty. That’s the conversation I have in my head. Because my human self, the ego that never lets up its criticizing, wants me to believe there’s something wrong with taking it easy, with doing what feels nourishing, nurturing and supportive.

The ego is useful, in its place. It helps us get things done. But it also wants to control us for its own agenda, which is not loving. When our Higher Self is in charge of the ego and keeps it in its place, when the Higher Self is the alpha, then Love is on the agenda. We move from the strength of Love, not the fear or worry or anxiety or anger of the ego.

So, when you take a break and a breath, and you start to hear the ego tell you to get up and move, tell it to take a hike. It will never shut up, but the more we laugh at it and ask our Higher Self, what is the most loving thing for me to do right now? the more we will learn what takes the most loving care of ourselves, in this moment.

And we’re not gonna feel guilty.