So many of us have had trauma and violence perpetrated on our bodies, minds, and spirits. We all react/respond differently. In my case, that made my body a very unsafe place to be.

Although I have worked through this over many years with many therapists and many modalities, just recently I noticed another shift. My life has been much simpler and much quieter since March 2020. Full of confusion at times, yes, but much more basic and essential. We’ve all had to let go of so many things in that time. And that creates space.

As I fell into that space, I noticed my dialogue with my body more clearly. I got tired of not liking this very good body that has had its issues, but has kept going for 66+ years. I could mostly count on it, and when it failed me, I had definitely ignored the signs my Higher Self and Spirit sent me through my body. The body is a great message board, if we pay attention.

So at long last, I noticed a certain comfort and friendliness with this body. I appreciated it more. I gave up criticizing it as much, as that finally got very boring. After all, my body is the perfect expression of my Self right now. This is the expression I am creating/allowing presently. I relate with my body more kindly and gently now. It’s been through a lot. I am resting more, letting the energy of old trauma clear from my body. I’m not pushing myself as much, not demanding as much from my body. I am more willing to treat myself as a dear friend, a beloved fur baby or sweet child.

It’s not always easy or comfortable. But something broke, or snapped or gave way, and I just can’t push like I always have. And I don’t have to anymore, because I don’t have to continually escape whatever my body is feeling because of whatever history it’s holding.

With a lot of help, guidance and assistance from many on earth, Loving Source Energy and my angels and guides, I am experiencing a new sensation in my body. And that is that it’s safe to be in my body. At long last.