I want to share the most amazing experience last week…..I recovered my harmony, ease and balance and felt peaceful, calm, centered, grounded, flowing….all the things I had not been feeling the few days before.  I felt recalibrated to the harmonies and loving energies of the Universe via a Tuning Fork Treatment from Rachael Ballengee. Rachael is a wonderful and skilled massage therapist in Julia Wilkins’s office, my chiropractor.

While waiting in the office for my appointment with Julia, Rachael demonstrated her tuning forks on me…..not just any tuning forks, but special tuning forks calibrated with the energies of the Universe. She can explain it to you when you make your appointment! And I encourage you to do so if this idea resonates with you.

Since all my work is about energy, I am always intrigued by anything that channels energy is a subtle, loving way.  So I made an appointment with Rachael for a complete Tuning Fork Treatment. The energy of the Universe is wordless, and I find myself grasping for words to describe this flowing treatment of light and energy.  With each placement of the tuning forks by Rachael, following her guidance and intuition, something else released in my body, I felt the energy I am a part of flowing through me unimpeded, clearing and rebalancing my energy and my physicality. I could feel the release and was reminded of the lightness of my being. I continue to feel the space and ease encouraged by her treatment. I literally feel tuned up! And the benefits to my spirit and body are palpable and continuing.

Rachael can be reached at Julia’s office at 919.554.8989 or via her cell at 419.560.5463; Atlasfamilychiro.fullslate.com or ballengeera@gmail.com.  I cannot say enough about this remarkable treatment and practitioner. It really needs to be experienced….it made my heart, spirit and body sing!